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Secret audio tape amongThe evidence in the fraud case against former President Trump includes a 2016 recording of Trump that ABC News previously reported contained a discussion of hush money.
Trump fights to keep the wordTrump's lawyers plan to fight Carroll's remaining defamation lawsuit by noting that a previous federal jury found "the alleged rape did not occur."
Mar-a-Lago Worker ProvidedA maintenance worker for the former president recounted helping to move boxes into a storage room a day before a Justice Department official came seeking the return of classified material.
Ron DeSantis takes veiled"We must end the culture of losing that has infected the Republican Party in recent years," DeSantis said.
Trump special counselSpecial counsel Jack Smith is nearing the end of his criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump's mishandling of classified documents.
Trump to make video courtDonald Trump is slated to make a video appearance in Manhattan court in his criminal "hush money" case where restrictions on evidence will be reviewed.
E Jean Carroll files for newAuthor's court filing comes after the ex-president demeaned her a day after being found liable for sexual abuse Author and columnist E Jean Carroll is going back to court to demand "very substantial"... additional damages from Donald Trump for the disparaging remarks he made about her during a televised CNN town hall just a day after he was found liable in a civil case for sexually assaulting her. An amended lawsuit seeking an additional $10m in compensatory damages - and more in punitive damages - was filed in Manhattan on Monday by lawyers for Carroll, who say remarks made by the former president in response to her rape allegations have so spoiled her reputation that she lost her longtime job as an Elle magazine advice columnist.
Trump shuns Melania inDonald Trump has been known to use joyous occasions to blast his political foes.
E. Jean Carroll may sue TrumpE. Jean Carroll is considering filing a third defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, after he called her allegation of sexual assault "fake" and a "made-up story" during a CNN town... hall on Wednesday, her lawyer told The New York Times on Thursday. On Tuesday, a federal jury in Manhattan found Trump liable for sexually abusing Carroll, a former Elle columnist, in the 1990s and defaming her when he wrote on his Truth Social platform that her case was "a complete con job" and "a Hoax and a lie." The jury awarded Carroll $5 million in damages. Carroll has another defamation suit against Trump now pending, based on comments he made about her while still president. Speaking to the Times on Thursday, Carroll said she was asleep during the town hall, and read a transcript of...
Trump calls E. Jean CarrollTrump blasted CNN's Kaitlan Collins' as a 'nasty woman,' slammed writer E. Jean Carroll for her rape accusation, refused to say he lost to Joe Biden and defended the January 6th rioters.
Atlanta Prosecutors DropProsecutors said on Wednesday that their concerns about a lawyer representing a group of fake electors for Donald J. Trump had been resolved.
Donald Trump's CNN Town HallFollow the New York Post's live updates as former President Donald Trump participates in a CNN town hall Wednesday in New Hampshire amid his 2024 presidential run.
E. Jean Carroll feelsE. Jean Carroll, the writer who accused Donald Trump of raping her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s, said she feels "fantastic" after a jury voted to hold the former president liable... for sexual assault and defamation in her lawsuit against him. "Yesterday was probably the happiest day of my life," Carroll told Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos in a Wednesday interview. On Tuesday, a New York City jury ruled that while Trump did not rape Carroll, he sexually abused and also defamed her when he denied her claims. She was awarded $5 million in damages. Originally, Carroll told Stephanopoulos she had planned to simply come forward with her story and "thought that was enough." But then Trump "said terrible things about me. Dragged me through the mud. Ground my face in...
'The whole thing is a scam':Donald Trump on Tuesday said that his conviction for sexually assaulting a journalist in the mid 1990s was 'a scam' and insisted he was denied a fair trial by biased Manhattan jurors and judge.
Donald Trump Sexually AbusedThe ex-president must pay Ms. Carroll $5 million. More than a dozen women have accused Mr. Trump of sexual misconduct, but this civil case was the only one tested before a jury.
Jurors in Trump-Carroll CaseA federal judge presiding over the lawsuit against the former president walked jurors through each variety of wrongdoing, explaining their precise definitions.
E. Jean Carroll: The columnistShe's the woman who has achieved what many thought unachievable - held Donald Trump to account but those who followed her know you underestimate E Jean Carroll at your peril.
Donald Trump rape trial live:Jury expected to begin considering their verdict in case claiming the former US president raped the advice columnist in 1996 Good morning, US politics blog readers. A jury in New York City is expected... to today begin deliberating after hearing evidence in a civil lawsuit brought by advice columnist E Jean Carroll, who alleges that Donald Trump raped her in 1996. Trump denies the allegations, but a guilty verdict could further tar the former president as he seeks a second term in the White House amid several legal entanglements - including state and federal criminal investigations into his attempts to overturn the 2020 elections. There's no telling if a verdict would come today, but we'll let you know if it does. Here's what else is happening today: Joe Biden will meet with congressional...
Judge bans Trump from sharingThe judge in the Stormy Daniels hush-money case on Monday barred former President Donald Trump from sharing evidence and other material from the case publicly.
Trump won't testify in E. JeanDonald Trump will not testify in E. Jean Carroll's defamation and battery case against him, after a Sunday deadline passed without him filing a motion to reopen the case.
Ivanka Trump Is Focus Of NewThe ex-president's daughter and former adviser is catching heat for her emails.
Irish reporters ask Trump whyThe former president was seen on video beating a hasty retreat from reporters asking why he was skipping his high-profile rape trial Wednesday.
US judge throws out DonaldLawsuit alleged newspaper sought out niece Mary Trump and persuaded her to join 'insidious plot' to obtain Trump's tax records A judge in New York has thrown out Donald Trump's 2021 lawsuit accusing... New York Times reporters of an "insidious plot" to obtain his tax records. The former president has also been ordered to pay all attorneys' fees and legal expenses the Times and its reporters had incurred. The lawsuit alleged that the newspaper sought out Trump's niece Mary Trump and persuaded her "to smuggle the records out of her attorney's office".
Journalist cries as sheNatasha Stoynoff testified Wednesday how Trump sexually assaulted her in 2005 at his Florida estate while Melania was in another room.
Judge tosses Trump's $100MThe paper's newsgathering -- which ultimately exposed Trump's tax woes in a Pulitzer-winning 2018 article -- was "at the very core of protected First Amendment activity," the judge ruled.