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COVID's Long Haul: VirusSARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, can persist in the blood and tissue of some patients for up to two years post-infection, offering new insights into the phenomenon of long COVID. This... groundbreaking research found COVID antigens in blood samples up to 14 months after infection and in tissue samples for more than two years.
CDC to remove five-day COVIDThe health agency plans to recommend people who test positive for COVID-19 to take a call on when to end isolation based on their symptoms.
Washington state divertedA new report shows how federal COVID funds were used in Washington state to give $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants who were ineligible to receive federal economic impact payments during the... pandemic.
Federal agencies refuse toNone of the federal agencies involved in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines have been forthcoming with information, the grand jury has discovered, and the panel said it has no legal power to force... the agencies to furnish information.
New COVID-19 variant JN.1JN.1 is now causing about 20 percent of new coronavirus infections in the US.
As COVID numbers rise, publicIDPH also asks residents to skip holiday gatherings if they have symptoms of respiratory infections.
COVID-19 Cases Are on theOrdering your free COVID tests through the USPS will take you just two minutes.
Fauci adviser who allegedlyA longtime top adviser to Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose been accused of deleting federal records, has been subpoenaed by the House panel investigating the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Florida family sentenced forA father and three sons face five to 12 years in prison for selling "Mineral Miracle Solution" out of a fake church, assuring users it would cure 95% of diseases.
Tests may be able to identifyScientists say some tests may be able to identify the markers of prolonged COVID symptoms in the future.
Free COVID tests availableThough Chicago remains at a "low" COVID-19 risk level, the city's hospitalizations rose 30% last week, according to CDPH data.
Biden administration ordersThe Biden administration will once again provide US households with free at-home COVID-19 tests ahead of the colder fall and winter months. Twelve domestic manufacturers have been awarded $600 million... to manufacture some 200 million new over-the-counter COVID-19 tests, which will be made available to the public through starting Sept. 25, the Department of...
COVID, RSV and influenzaThis year's respiratory virus season is set to be a repeat of last year's, with COVID-19, RSV and influenza impacting the healthcare system at the same time, per the CDC
Fraudulent unemploymentThe study doubles the original Goverment Accountability Office's estimate provided to the House Ways and Means Committee in February.
Jill Biden tests positive forFirst lady Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday and President Biden's test results have come back negative, according to the White House. Jill Biden, 72, is "currently experiencing only... mild symptoms," her communications director Elizabeth Alexander said in a statement. "She will remain at their home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware," Alexander added. Joe...
Biggest surge in Covid deathsData from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 74 people died due to the virus in the seven days to August 11. It marks a 57.4 per cent increase on the previous week.
China won't require COVID-19China will no longer require a negative COVID-19 test result for incoming travelers, a milestone in its reopening to the rest of the world after an isolation that began with the country's borders... closing in 2020
371 charged with stealingSome fraudsters used the funds -- meant to help struggling citizens and business owners -- to pay for murder-for-hire plots.
Over 3,100 Charged withThe department outlined several cases, including one in which the defendants were accused of using fraudulently obtained funds to solicit a murder.
COVID rates are climbing butCOVID rates are rising in much of the country. But with vaccines, treatments and prevention tools, the pandemic looks very different now than before.      
Studies for Long COVIDThe National Institutes of Health announced new clinical trials to test potential treatments for Long COVID, which has been understudied and underfunded.
COVID data indicates surge inThe COVID pandemic is long gone, but we are still being stalked by the virus.
4 members of a Florida familyFour members of a Florida family have been convicted of selling a toxic industrial bleach as a fake COVID-19 cure through their online church
COVID-19 Super Dodgers: Theertain individuals carry a unique gene variant that allows them to contract COVID-19 without displaying any symptoms. Dubbed as "super dodgers", these individuals are more than twice as likely to... possess a mutation in a gene coding for human leukocyte antigen (HLA), a protein that aids virus-killing T cells to identify and annihilate SARS-CoV-2.
One in five doctors with longDoctors who contracted COVID-19 on the frontline and are still living with the ongoing symptoms of the virus have been left in financial limbo as they struggle to return to work.