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Technology News

Location American Technology News for 5 Nov 2015

This Is Why The New ChampionOne of the massive changes coming to 'League of Legends' is a new champion select system. The new system gives players a better chance of forming a team that can win matches, compared to the current... outdated one.
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This is how an emoji can help stop bullying

Pocket-lint - 5 Nov 2015 15:47
This is how an emoji can helpEvery child with access to a communication gadget knows what an emoji is. That's one of the reasons an emoji has been created to help tackle bullying amoung the young. The campaign called "I Am... Witness" was created to draw attention to bullying in a bid...
Drone offers a close-up ofConstruction workers building Apple's "spaceship" campus must be used to seeing drones buzzing overhead by now. Hobbyists keen to capture the site's development have been posting videos on YouTube... ever since work on it started - and here's the latest one. The post Drone offers a close-up of Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus appeared first on Digital Trends.
This is How Far Canon DSLRsWant to see how the great-grandfather of Canon DSLRs compares to the company’s latest and greatest camera? Photographer Jim Goldstein got his hands on the “ancient” Canon D2000 from... 1998 and decided to pit it against the new Canon 5DS R in a shootout. The 10-minute video is a look at how a 17-year-old 2-megapixel […]
This is the European Space Agency's ExoMars 2018 rover -- kinda. In fact, its a half-scale model that's been tested over the past few weeks in the ESA's Mars Yard, but it does show what the vehicle... will look like.
Here are all 193 gadgets JamesFor 52 years James Bond has been killing baddies, stopping terror plots and saving the world from certain doom. Through it all, he's employed the use of gadgets. Bond's gadgets are amazingly varied,... helping the superspy get out of tight situations all over the world. That being said, you can pretty much break down the Bond gadget into four primary categories: small things that are actually cameras, small things that are actually guns, small things that are actually phones and, of course, dashboard buttons on vehicles. This supercut by YouTube channel Burger Fiction features every gadget Bond has used — 193 in total.

Black hole awakens after 26 years - 5 Nov 2015 15:03
Black hole awakens after 26On 15 June 2015, V404 Cygni (V404 Cyg), a binary system comprising a sun-like star orbiting a black hole, woke up. A huge outburst of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum 'lit up' the sky. The... last such outburst was 1989.
Handmade Wood Apple Watch andReap the benefits of accessible charging, no tangled wires, and beautiful design with the Handmade Wood Docking Station for Apple Watch and iPhone by WhyWood. This single unit comes with a Lightning... cable for your iPhone, a charger for your Apple Watch, as well as a power cord. Offering three USB 3.0 slots, you can swap the Apple charges with that of GoPro, your camera, or even Android. With this, you can have simultaneous charging from a single power source....
Anti-Drone Technology WantedDrones do seem to be a rather useful part of our modern day lifestyle, where companies such as Google would like to kick off a drone delivery system by the time 2017 rolls around, whereas Australia... Post is exploring the possibility of delivering mail through drones as well. However, one can say that drones are a double edged sword, where it can also be used in the wrong way. The Federal Bureau of Prisons intends to have a sophisticated drone-defeating system installed in order to protect their personnel from the threat of unmanned aircraft. The Federal Bureau of Prisons happens to be an agency of the Department of Justice, where they recently issued a Request for Information which stressed for a fully integrated system that is capable of detecting, tracking, interdicting, engaging while...
NASA will soon start acceptingNASA's pining for Mars, and it'll need people to send there. The space agency announced today that it will soon start accepting applications for new astronauts, doing so "in preparation for the... agency's journey to Mars," among other things. More so now than ever, NASA has human spacecraft in development and it'll need humans to operate them. The new class …
You can now 3D print your catAt long last, you can create a fantasy suit of armor for your cats without breaking the bank. Thingverse user PrintThatThing has created a downloadable design for a feline suit of armor. The design is... apparently 100% printable and features a cat tag holder and a leash hole. Also, of course, a badass spiked back and a scorpion-influenced tail. We know it's not Halloween anymore, but this suit of armor is too cool to pass up for cat owners who want their pets to be as intimidating as possible. Also, it's perfect for that live-action "Redwall" short film that we've all been working on in our spare time. You know the one.
19th century burial chamberA burial chamber full of human skeletal remains was unearthed recently in New York City's Greenwich Village. The discovery was made beneath century-old water mains located beneath Washington Square... Park, according to New York City's Department of Design and Construction. Officials from the department reported the finding on Wednesday, saying the burial chamber measures in at about 15ft wide x …

This Is Why You're Seeing More Ads On Instagram

The Huffington Post - 5 Nov 2015 17:26
This Is Why You're Seeing MoreSAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- If you're starting to notice more ads on Instagram, it's all part of Facebook's plan. Facebook, the world's largest social network, has steadily built its advertising business to... become the world's second-largest digital ad platform after Google. Now it's looking at ways to make more money from video ads and from newer services like Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing app that it bought for $1 billion in 2012. Instagram recently announced it has over 400 million monthly users, surpassing the 300 million who use the rival social networking site Twitter. While Facebook has been introducing Instagram ads slowly - to avoid irritating users by overloading them with commercial messages - the company said in September that it would allow more kinds of ads, including longer...
Apple Orders Display DriverApple has placed LCD display driver orders with touchscreen supplier Synaptics for its next-generation iPhones, indicating the Cupertino-based company's in-house development of touch and display... driver integration (TDDI) chips may have fallen behind schedule, according to Taiwanese website DigiTimes. iPhone 7 concept with integrated Touch ID by designer Martin Hajek Synaptics acquired Renesas SP Drivers, reportedly the sole supplier of LCD driver ICs for iPhones, in September 2014 in an effort to maintain orders from Apple, and for now it appears the iPhone maker will remain one of its customers. The supplier also works with Google, HTC, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and other smartphone makers. Apple previously recruited senior Renesas engineers to internally develop TDDI chips with Touch ID...
Apple Patents Touch ID 'PanicThe United States Patent and Trademark Office today published a patent application initially filed by Apple in May of 2014, describing a method for users to designate a specific finger to unlock an... iPhone with using Touch ID, which would then cause the iPhone to enter a "panic mode" (via Business Insider). The mode could then tell the iPhone to completely lock down, limiting access to personal data if a user is being forced to unlock their iPhone. Currently, Apple allows users to enter up to five different fingerprints to unlock an iPhone, so users would just have to designate which is the "emergency" print in the Touch ID settings menu. Apple's patent describes a situation in which a thief attempts to rob someone's iPhone from them to gain access to their personal and private data stored...
NASA Counting on BudgetNASA is currently spending money on its key exploration programs at a rate that assumes Congress will approve a budget increase in the next month, a move that could delay some efforts should the... additional funds not materialize.
Researchers in the wild: VividForget white coats and sterile laboratories. Many scientists have a deep, personal relationship with the natural environments that become their subject matter. A photo series by award-winning... Australian photographer Tamara Dean, "Wild Researchers," in partnership with the University of New South Wales, aims to put a human face on the work of 17 such researchers. By placing these men and women in the sand dunes, swamps and caves that provide as many mysteries as they do answers, Dean helps us to understand why they are drawn to their work and why we should pay attention. See also: Dazzling photos from a Pacific marine sanctuary larger than California
The Federal Bureau of PrisonsPrisons have a well-documented problem with inmates using small quadrotor drones to sneak contraband in. Since posting guards with #8 birdshot doesn't seem to have been working, the Federal Bureau of... Prisons is now looking for a less redneck solution.
Germany reportedly plans toPorsche and Audi announce a halt to sales of certain models in the US as their parent company grapples with a global emissions-cheating scandal.
Hands up if you don't think SHA-1 is completely past its prime? None of you? Hmm ... Microsoft has decided to follow Mozilla down the path to better security, bringing forward the end-of-life date for... SHA-1 hashing....
This 'Hotline Bling' sweaterIf Drake's not calling you late night when you need to cuddle (that's what that song is about, right?), this Holiday Bling sweatshirt will help keep you warm on those cold lonely nights. Sure, it's... not perfect. It should definitely be a gray turtleneck. But it does feature simulated embroidery of Drizzy's signature dance moves and a shopping list for a night with Champagne Papi See also: Drake's 'Hotline Bling' dance moves are the only dance moves now Image: The Yee Tee It will set you back $25, and makes the perfect gift for anyone you want to passively aggressively tell to think of you late night when they need love
Napoleon Dynamite doesn't haveJon Heder, the actor best known as Napoleon Dynamite talks about his role in the recent, crowdfunded claymation adventure game Armikrog and his life as a gamer in this exclusive interview. The post... Napoleon Dynamite doesn’t have as much time to game anymore, either appeared first on Digital Trends.
Luma smart wifi system spreadsThere's a router - which you already have - then there's a Smart Wifi system like Luma. The folks behind Luma have decided that it's time we started really digging in to how well wireless internet is... applied to our homes - especially since we no longer just have a set of 2 or 3 computers as we did ten …
As part of its ongoing effort to surface every bit of information you could possibly need without ever having to leave your News Feed, Facebook has begun rolling out a new music feature that will let... you sample the music shared into your feed. A new post format called Music Stories will let users preview 30 second clips of songs and albums shared to Facebook from Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.
USB Type-C is undoubtedly the future, thanks to its reversible design, super-fast speed and high power output. Apple and Google both bet big on the standard's inevitable ubiquity by using it in the... new MacBook and both Nexus phones. Unfortunately, it's still gonna be awhile before it fully replaces the usual Type-A and -B connectors, meaning those who took the plunge early are gonna have to stock up on new cables. That also means there's a whole world of third-party cables out there that haven't been fully tested, just waiting to destroy your new device. Luckily, one Google engineer is taking it upon himself to test out potentially dangerous cables before you buy them. Google's Benson Leung works on the Chromebook Pixel line, and is...