15 Minute News is a News Discovery Service covering news across all major sections including Headlines, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Technology and Style. Along with various subsections i.e. Sports > Golf and Business > Property etc.

While we already work with established and respected advertising networks we also provide custom sponsorship opportunities in the form of native advertising and banner ads. All advertising options allow for targeting on both a section and subsection basis to ensure better targeting.

Native Advertising

15 Minute News provides a native advertising solution that allows advertisers to include native advertising interspersed between existing articles. Each native advertising option includes a Title (which is also a link), an Image (120x120) and a description (200 characters). Clicking the Title or the "Read More" link will send a user directly to the sponsors website.

Banner Ads

15 Minute News also offers traditional banner ads on it's pages with sizes varying from (300x250) and (160x600) for banner ads between articles. Banner spots are also available on individual article pages in (300x250) sizes.


Both native advertising and banner ads act and fit in with the existing structures except for 2 distinct differences.

  1. The native advertisements are all labeled with the term "Sponsored by (Entity)" where (Entity) is the name of the Sponsor.
  2. All links from sponsors are rel="sponsored" to ensure keeping with Google's SEO recommendations.

Sponsor limitations include, but are not limited to, the following...

  1. All Sponsors will go through an approval process to ensure quality links i.e. website approval
  2. Only legal services/products will be allowed.
  3. Gambling/Betting sponsorships can appear in the Sports and Entertainment sections/subsections only.


To advertise with us you can contact us via our Contact page.