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Gaming News

Location American Gaming News for 9 Dec 2023

James Gunn's DCU Will FeatureSean Gunn is picking up the mantle for the role of Maxwell Lord in an ambitious new DC universe led by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Sonic Dream Team Review

IGN - 9 Dec 2023 03:23
Sonic Dream Team ReviewA zippy, delightful 3D platformer that brings Sonic back to the (3D) basics.
Exclusive: More The Casting ofCheck out this exclusive interview with the team behind The Casting of Frank Stone, the new Dead by Daylight spin-off by Supermassive Games announced at The Game Awards 2023.
Denis Villeneuve Reveals He'sStill a couple months out from the sequel's debut, Villeneuve revealed he's almost finished writing the script for a third Dune movie.