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Gadget News

Location American Gadget News for 9 Dec 2023

Sam Altman Accused ofEver since Sam Altman was fired by the OpenAI board two weeks ago, questions have swirled about what precipitated the drama. The fact of the matter is this: We still don't really know what happened or... why Altman was forced out. Altman himself has said he won't be talking about it. Microsoft obviously isn't talking....
Poor Things and 22 OtherThere'd be no science fiction without a 19-year-old Mary Shelley in 1816 writing the tale of a scientist who their undead creature to life. Ever since, her tale of creation has inspired adaptations... that have propelled the evolution of genre in film, television, and even music.
The EU has reached a historicThe Washington Post reports that after a marathon 72-hour debate European Union legislators Friday have reached a historic deal on a broad-ranging AI safety development bill, the most expansive and... far-reaching of its kind to date. Details of the deal itself were not immediately available. Deal!#AIAct -- Thierry Breton (@ThierryBreton) December 8, 2023 The proposed regulations would dictate the ways in which future machine learning models can be developed and distributed within the trade bloc, impacting its use in applications ranging from education to employment to healthcare. AI development would be split among four categories, depending on how much societal risk each potentially poses -- minimal, limited, high, and banned. Banned uses would include anything that circumvents the user's...
Apple appears to have blockedCo-founder: "All data indicates that" Apple has cut off Beeper Mini's reverse-engineering.
HP printer app is installingAppears to be a Microsoft Store bug; MS says printers should mostly still work.
James Gunn Has Found His DCSean Gunn has been tapped to play Maxwell Lord in James Gunn's new DC Universe.
Should Section 230 Protect AIWelcome to AI This Week, Gizmodo's weekly deep dive on what's been happening in artificial intelligence.
Beeper Mini Rules, But ItNote: As I was getting ready to publish this piece, Beeper's servers began faltering. TechCrunch reports that Beeper Mini had lost access to Apple's servers, though I'm still able to send text-based... messages with a bit of delay. This piece covers the experience before this breaking news hit. I reached out to Beeper...
The Shocking Ending of IndianaIndiana Jones movies always end with the impossible. Ghosts coming out of an ark, a rock healing a village, a cup granting immortality, aliens with crystal skulls. So, when Indiana Jones and the Dial... of Destiny gets to its big third-act moment, it's shocking, but also fits right in. However, getting to that idea...