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Photography News

Location American Photography News for 2 Oct 2023

Nikon Nikkor Z 135mm f/1.8 SNikon's Nikkor Z 135mm f/1.8 S 'Plena' is designed to minimize vignetting, maintain rounder bokeh edge-to-edge and produce sharp images with exceptional clarity. Nikon seems to have put a lot of... thought into making a lens that maintains a high quality of light and smooth fall-off to create depth of field with gradual gradations. The resulting lens feels tailor-made for portrait and studio photographers using Nikon's Z-series cameras. What better way to test these claims than to take it to the streets of Seattle to make portraits? In our latest sample gallery, we take a closer look at the fine detail of skin and hair, bokeh performance at the edges, and depth-of-field, and we even manage to get people in motion and freeze some rain mid-drop. It should also be noted that this sample gallery...
Interview: Fujifilm talks GFX,Yuji Igarashi, Divisional Manager, Professional Imaging Group and Makoto Oishi, Head of Product Planning Photo: Richard Butler Yuji Igarashi cuts a relaxed figure as he prepares for the public to... arrive at Fujifilm's Fujikina event in Stockholm. I caught the Divisional Manager of Fujifilm's Professional Imaging Group at Fotografiska - part of the world's largest museums dedicated solely to photography - just before the doors opened. He was joined by his colleague, head of product planning Makoto Oishi, to discuss where the company's digital camera plans stand. Fotografiska had hosted the launch of the GFX 100 II the day before, so neither man is in the mood to discuss which areas of the GF system are most in need of improvement. 'Yesterday we announced a new product, so basically we're...
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