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Movie News

Location American Movie News for 18 Apr 2024

'It's A Good Feeling': NathanThe Rookie is coming back for at least one more season, and star Nathan Fillion finally opened up about the good news.

'The Wiz' Review: A Black Classic Returns to Broadway

The New York Times - 18 Apr 2024 05:00
'The Wiz' Review: A BlackAlmost 50 years after it debuted, this classic Black take on "The Wizard of Oz" tries to update its original formula.
How Chucky Creator Don ManciniDevon Sawa has once again met a grisly death on Chucky, and series creator Don Mancini digs into the details.
Ryan Reynolds Posts TouchingFor Time100, Ryan Reynolds wrote a nice tribute to Michael J. Fox.
"It's time that we give our daughters the same opportunities as our sons" the president said in a statement Wednesday
The director was seemingly in talks to reunite with Brat Pitt for the film
Henry Cavill Took A Funny ShotHenry Cavill is quick with a self-effacing joke. But that Superman scene still makes me angry, for various reasons.
The Masked Singer's QueenQueen was honored on the latest episode of The Masked Singer, but there was one omission that I couldn't overlook.
Kelly Clarkson Is Set To CoverKelly Clarkson talks about what will be her favorite part of covering the Olympics for NBC with Jimmy Fallon and Snoop Dogg.
Star Wars' Warwick Davis PensWarwick Davis' wife Samantha Davis has died at the age of 53.
Surprise, Quentin Tarantino'sIt turns out that Quentin Tarantino won't be making The Movie Critic as his last film after all.
Dr. Martens says its shoes can make your music festival experience better. They're right
Leonardo DiCaprio Has Set HisLeonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese might be teaming up real soon after Killers of the Flower Moon, thanks to a long dormant passion project.
The former president also seemed to confused the late-night host with actor Al Pacino
'Terrible Performance': BrianBrian Cox was not impressed with Joaquin Phoenix's performance as Napoleon Bonaparte.