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Entertainment News

Location American Entertainment News for 1 Dec 2023

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares SweetFor those who still don't believe Gwyneth Paltrow is really good friends with her ex-husband Chris Martin's longtime girlfriend, she’s got proof! The 51-year-old actress took to Instagram... Stories on Wednesday to answer a few fan questions. And of course, someone took it upon themselves to bring up Dakota Johnson! One person wrote to Gwyneth
Noah Kahan's Name Is Ripe for"I Kahan't wait for the show!" SNL castmember Sarah Sherman quips to the unimpressed musical guest & host.
Vicki Gunvalson Still BeingThere's still a chance Vicki Gunvalson will return as a housewife on 'RHOC' for Season 18. A well-placed source says Vicki doesn't a contract, but she's still in the running.
Lethal Company is video gameVideo game comedy is as old as the medium itself. There were text adventures running on mainframes over forty years ago that were packed with gags, and even sophisticated meta humour about fantasy... tropes. Ask any Old Git to name a genuinely funny video game and they’ll probably cite Monkey Island, maybe Conker’s Bad Fur Day, or perhaps The Stanley Parable if they’re a connoisseur. There are countless others. Half of them involve Tim Schafer in some capacity. The vast majority of gags in video games are delivered in a way that is borrowed from other mediums. That is to say, you either read them or hear them spoken aloud. Jokes are often delivered in parallel with gameplay, but seldom as an expression of the medium’s fundamentals. Lethal Company may be one of the most...
It’s no fluke that Prince William and Princess Catherine no longer mingle with their former friend Rose Hanbury! In Omid Scobie‘s controversial new book Endgame, the royal insider... addresses rumors from 2019 that claimed the Prince of Wales was cheating on his wife with his 39-year-old pal, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley (who’s married to David
Avengers Inc. is ending withAvengers Inc. has been a quirky bright spot in Marvel's line, and it's ending way too soon
First Furiosa trailerThe first trailer has arrived
George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road" prequel co-stars Chris Hemsworth.
Megan Fox is on a mission to make the world a better place — one child at a time. LOLz! The actress opened up about her powerful parenting style in a new interview with WWD out on Wednesday,... revealing she’s raising her kids to be exactly the opposite of all her exes! Hey, that’s pretty
George Santos Labels OhioMiller quickly corrected his behavior, realizing that he should have directed his comments to the chair.
Per Variety, sources close to Joel Silver claim the producer was fired from the Jake Gyllenhaal-led sequel for trying to keep it real.
BBR Music Group's Carson JamesJames served as senior vp of promotion and Poole was senior director of A&R.
Wow! The Hilton family really knows how to keep a secret! Paris Hilton managed to completely surprise not only the world but her own family, including mom Kathy Hilton, with the arrival of her baby... boy, Phoenix, and baby girl, London, via a surrogate. Now it is the 64-year-old reality star's turn to shock her
Instead of romantic optimism or "Whiplash"-like intensity, Jakub Piatek's documentary captures the world's top pianists in their moments of fading passion.
The French poets who inspired"Rimbaud to me was intoxicating." The post The French poets who inspired Patti Smith to greatness first appeared on Far Out Magazine.
Cher joins The Rolling Stones with at least one new No. 1 on a Billboard songs chart in each of the last seven decades. We recap the biggest winners, the best performances, and all the top highlight... moments from the 2023 MAMA Awards. Mitski's 'My Love Mine All Mine' remains at No. 1 on the […]
STAIND's MIKE MUSHOK On VenuesSTAIND guitarist Mike Mushok has weighed in on Live Nation's new program called "On The Road Again", which aims to financially support developing artists and their teams facing growing costs of... touring expenses. It was announced in late September that Live Nation-owned and operated clubs would provi...
'RHOC' Stars GinaWhile Alexis Bellino is in talks to secure her comeback role on 'RHOC,' sources reveal Gina Kirschenheiter and her Emily Simpson aren't shoo-ins for Season 18.
The duo have been spotted hanging out around Los Angeles recently.
Friends Streaming on Max HitIn the wake of Matthew Perry’s passing, the streaming of Friends on Max hit an all-time high, according to Nielsen’s latest U.S. ranking of streaming content. Friends landed at No. 4 on... Nielsen’s overall streaming chart for the week of Oct. 30 — trailing only Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Grey’s Anatomy and Suits — with […]
There’s a drawer of her things at his place! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are undoubtedly moving fast in their whirlwind romance, with the most recent news being how the superstar is going to... be living with her brand new beau for a while — but could her stay be longer than anticipated?! Sources claimed
From unique home decor to beauty essentials, these gifts are sure to be the most-wanted presents of the group -- without leaving a hole in your wallet.
Amy Schumer To Produce & StarEXCLUSIVE: Emmy winner and Golden Globe nominee Amy Schumer (Trainwreck) has been set to produce and star in Kinda Pregnant, a new film that Tyler Spindel (The Out-Laws) is directing for Netflix and... Happy Madison. Written by Julie Paiva, the film follows Lainy (Schumer), who given her jealousy of her best friend’s pregnancy, begins wearing […]
'Swagger' Star O'Shea JacksonSwagger star O’Shea Jackson Jr. is speaking out about the Apple TV+ basketball drama’s cancellation after two seasons. “Damn near no promotion. Couldn't even talk about it when it... aired because of the strike. And it still got up to Apple's Top 4. But "the numbers weren't there". Right. Ima miss my boys,” Jackson wrote […]
Prosecutors Demand TiffanyHaddish claims the arresting officers had no right to pull her over in the first place.