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Gaming News

Location American Gaming News for 23 Sep 2022

Call of Duty: Modern WarfareOur thoughts after the first weekend.
Star Fox Adventures is 20Back in the 16 and 64-bit eras, UK-based developer Rare was exceptionally good at looking at what its then almost-parent Nintendo was doing, then developing their own killer take on it. I mean,... seriously, look at the evidence – Diddy Kong Racing gives Mario Kart 64 a run for its money, but is awash with way, way more content. Banjo Kazooie is right up there with Super Mario 64. And one of the great pieces of gaming gossip of the 90s revolves around Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto’s alleged distaste at the wild success of Donkey Kong Country. Rare and Nintendo were on the same side, but were in a quiet sort of rivalry that resulted in some really damn good games. Star Fox Adventures is another game in that pantheon – and as I reconsidered this unique little tile as it turns...

Hulu Streaming Service Review

IGN - 23 Sep 2022 23:00
Hulu Streaming Service ReviewAs part of IGN's State of Streaming event, we're taking a fresh look at the major streaming services and what they offer subscribers in 2022. Hulu's strong on-demand content and affordable pricing... make it a compelling option for cord-cutters.
Activision Blizzard is currently under investigation following accusations of harassment, discrimination, and fostering a hostile work environment. You can
Face-Off: What Is the BestIn celebration of IGN's State of Streaming 2022, we need your help in deciding which Disney+ original TV series or movie is the best!

Holiday 2022 Primer | All Things Nintendo

Game Informer - 23 Sep 2022 22:00
Holiday 2022 Primer | AllThis week on All Things Nintendo, Brian is joined by theNew York Post's mixed-martial arts reporter, co-host of the Ground & Pwned podcast, and former games journalistScott Fontanato preview the... upcoming holiday gaming season. The two go month by month, breaking down the most exciting releases on the horizon on Nintendo Switch, starting with the first week of October. If you'd like to follow the people from this episode on Twitter, hit the following links:Brian Shea (@brianpshea), Scott Fontana (@Scott_Fontana) The All Things Nintendo podcast is a weekly show where we can celebrate, discuss, and break down all the latest games, news, and announcements from the industry's most recognizable name. Each week, Brian is joined by different guests to talk about what's happening in the world of...

The Top 34 Best Simpsons Episodes

IGN - 23 Sep 2022 21:35
The Top 34 Best SimpsonsFire up the steamed hams. With The Simpsons about to kick off an unprecedented 34th season, we look back at the show's 34 most hilarious and enduring episodes.
New Cloverfield Movie inA new Cloverfield movie is in the works with director Babak Anvari and writer Joe Barton.
Arkane Director Pitched ThiefHarvey Smith is best known for his work on Arkane's Dishonored series, but he's now revealed a trio of games he pitched that never entered development.

Netflix Streaming Service Review

IGN - 23 Sep 2022 20:31
Netflix Streaming ServiceAs part of IGN's State of Streaming event, we're taking a fresh look at the major streaming services and what they offer subscribers in 2022. Find out if Netflix is the king of the Great Streaming... Wars in our full review.
Hellblade Creator Denies UsingClearing up some worries from voice actors and gamers alike, Hellblade developer Ninja Theory has confirmed it won't use AI technology to replace voice actors in its video games.
Destiny 2: Where Is Xur Today?Wondering where to find Xur in Destiny 2 today? Here's his location and exotic items he's selling for September 23.
Super Replay | Metal GearStanding here, I realize that this Super Replay will be a cut above the rest because we'll be slicing and dicing in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance! Join us today on Twitch at 2p.m. Central to enjoy... two hours of what will be a full playthrough of the cult favorite action game streaming weekly each Friday. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance serves as a sequel/spin-off to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots that puts cyborg ninja Raiden at the helm. Instead of sneaking around in boxes, players eviscerate foes in fast-paced, stylish action courtesy of developer Platinum Games. Since its launch in 2013, Revengence's action and absurdity have garnered it a passionate internet fandom, but I have a little secret: I didn't think the game was all that special when I played it at launch. However,...

Shovel Knight Dig Review

IGN - 23 Sep 2022 18:22
Shovel Knight Dig ReviewFeaturing the same excellent 2D platforming of the original Shovel Knight, albeit turned 90 degrees and fit within the genre of a roguelite, Shovel Knight Dig is yet another certified hit in the... Shovel Knight franchise.
A 17-year-old has beenA 17 year old was arrested in Oxfordshire yesterday, due to the suspicions of hacking. According to journalist Matthew Keys and sources who spoke to them, they were allegedly involved in the GTA 6... hack that resulted in a major information leak last weekend, and are also connected to a prior hack on Uber. This source also claims that the arrest was made by London City police in collaboration with the FBI. In terms of information that has been confirmed, the London City Police has come forward and announced an arrest has been made in Oxfordshire as part of an ivnestigation by the NCA UK's National Cyber Crime Unit. Currently in police custody, there is currently no confirmation made by the police whether they were arrested for the GTA 6 hack, although according to journalist Matthew keys an...
The Rings of Power JustThe Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has answered a question decades in the making while Durin and Elrond continue to be the best pairing in the series.

Terrifier 2 Review

IGN - 23 Sep 2022 17:00
Terrifier 2 ReviewTerrifier 2 is the pinnacle in terms of indie slasher kills sequences, which are more than appealing enough to please genre fans despite the film's other lacking elements.
Classic WoW players -- bewareWhile everyone knows that Classic World of Warcraft is undergoing a heap of hype surrounding the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, for good reason too, there are plenty of reasons to get excited,... Brewfest is a great opportunity for loot and laughs right now. It is, however, also an opportunity for cheeky people to try and scam some extra loot from under the noses of their fellow adventurer. Such are the joys of Classic WoW. But first, what is Brewfest. For those not in the know, Brewfest is a one-per-year limited time event where players can buy some drinks, get smashes, and get some exclusive rewards. It’s unsubtly based on the German holiday Octoberfest, and features a variety of events and tasks for players to complete if they so wish. It also has a special boss fight —...

Lou Review

IGN - 23 Sep 2022 16:30
Lou ReviewAllison Janney and Jurnee Smollett are a fierce but reluctant duo racing to rescue a kidnapped child in a gripping, Taken-esque thriller.
Anne Rice's Interview with theThe AMC series updates its protagonist and timeline to bring new bite and passion to Anne Rice's novel.
VG247's The Best Games EverHaving kids is wonderful when it's not the most tiring, life-changing thing you can do to yourself – and even then you only remember the wonderful bits. When your child smiles at you for the... first time and it isn't a build up of gas... wonderful. When your child says "dada" not as part of a string of completely random sounds... wonderful. When your child laughs at you for doing something only they would laugh at... wonderful. As I said, it's not always wonderful. Waking up four times a night... not wonderful. Standing in a stress position to hold the hands of a tiny child trying to walk... not wonderful (but also wonderful). Constantly tidying things that are never actually tidy... not wonderful. But if there's one thing that sums up having young children it's this: It's 4pm on a...
Logitech Commercial Seems toA white Xbox Series X has been spotted in a new Logitech advert, but it's unclear if it's an official colorway.
Cyberpunk 2077: EdgerunnersCyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners shows everyone how a great anime tie-in should be done. With awesome animation and key aesthetic twinkles that ground the action in the Cyberpunk universe, there’s... enough for newcomers to drink in while also letting franchise devotees nod sagely along to the show feeling very clever as it ticks off the all the cool things they’ve seen in-game – now that’s fan service. If adapting something beloved is difficult, then adapting something with a dodgy rep should be even harder. For all its genuine merits, Cyberpunk 2077 overpromised, launched in an unacceptable state on console and bore the price – even my Mum asked me about it getting yanked from PlayStation after she heard about it on mainstream breakfast news.
Valve has released its shinyValve has finally released a shiny new revamp of their old stats page, so that us data nerds can track the most popular, most financially lucrative, and most played PC games on Steam in one new... webpage. Available for anyone and everyone right now, you no longer have to check out a dated site or third party alternatives. Announced via a blog post earlier today, a variety of info on each game and their placement on respective rankings such as recent changes in position, options to quickly switch regional toggles, and the ability to see total revenue. All in all, a handy tool! Those who have been around for a while, and people who have tried to look up this sort of information may have popped by the old stats page or websites like Steam Spy or Steam Charts (yes, there was a Steam Charts...
EGX vlog: you simply must playPlease enjoy this self-indulgent vlog about my first day at an expo in over four years. I wasn’t planning to focus so much on Shadows of Doubt, and I will be doing a proper preview in the coming... weeks, but I cannot stress this enough – it’s brilliant. Rarely does such a bold vision enjoy being matched by its execution. It reminds me somewhat of Cloudpunk, which I really enjoyed, but I desperately wanted to have a less passive relationship with the city itself. With it’s striking sense of immersion and a commitment to granular interactivity built into the game’s core design, I feel like Shadows of Doubt very much achieves that aspiration for me. I can’t wait until the full version comes out next year. It won ‘UK Game of the Show’ at Gamescom a...