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Photography News

Location American Photography News for 26 Feb 2024

Home Owner Said A HouseYou can't trust anyone these days...
AI Fueled NVIDIA's RemarkableWorld-class chipmaker NVIDIA became the first company in its industry to reach a market cap above $2 trillion. This remarkable high watermark capped off an incredible week for NVIDIA, which posted... record revenue last week.
See the Sun's Explosive EnergyThe Sun has been very active so far this month, with powerful sympathetic solar flares dazzling scientists and viewers alike and recent X-class flares making many wonder about communications network... integrity. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) constantly monitors the Sun and captures the recent powerful solar flares in exquisite detail across multiple wavelengths.
Oldest Daughter Wants Her OwnI am appalled at this woman's behavior.
Nextorage's New CFexpress 4.0Nextorage's NX-B2PRO CFexpress Type B memory cards promise high-level read and write performance, including maximum read and write speeds of 3,900 and 3,600 MB/s, respectively.
New Discovery By De BeersIs this a good thing or a bad thing?
Viltrox's AF 27mm f/1.2 ProViltrox is bringing the AF 27mm f/1.2 Pro lens, the second in its ultra-large aperture prime lens Pro series of optics that aims to combine ultra-high resolution and super large aperture that produces... "pleasant" bokeh, to Sony and Nikon APS-C cameras.
Live Out Your ImaginaryThere's a strong crossover between photography and camera enthusiasts and LEGO fans, as demonstrated by the LEGO Polaroid, the LEGO Retro Camera Creator Kit, and a popular LEGO Ideas project dedicated... to landscape photography and Ansel Adams. Like the Polaroid and landscape kit, a new LEGO IMAX project is being born within the LEGO Ideas community.
Photographer's AI Side Hustle:There are many who say artificial intelligence is about to destroy photography as we know it -- but one photographer is using it to earn a little cash on the side.
Leica Sets Another SalesLeica's continued focus on premium and luxury products appears to be working very well as the company has set a new sales record.
Sigma's CEO Wants to MakeSigma's CEO Kazuto Yamaki says that he is "very much personally interested in supporting medium format," and now that the company has filled out its support of full-frame mirrorless, perhaps the time... to expand to larger sensors is nigh.
They Were Told Their WiresHey, no complaints yet!
Irish Woman Loses $825,000Irish woman Kamila Grabska, 36, has lost a lawsuit she filed against RSA Insurance over alleged injuries sustained in a 2017 car crash. A 2018 photo of Grabska throwing a Christmas tree is at the... heart of the legal outcome.
NASA Spots Ghostly SkeletonThis is so cool!
Bank Customer Found $200,000PLEASE let that kind of money end up in my account!
Saramonic's New Blink500 B2+Audio giant Saramonic announced the new Blink500 B2+ wireless mic. The new device promises content creators and videographers versatile audio recording capabilities at a budget-friendly price.
Astronaut Captures UnusualAn astronaut has captured a snow-covered Grand Canyon from space while passing over the iconic landmark onboard the International Space Station traveling at 17,500 miles per hour.
Alaska Airlines Changed AGet your act together!
Instagram's Threads is TestingThreads has started to test out one of its "most requested" features: an in-app camera.
Parents Let Young Daughter DoFirst of all, let’s tip our hats to all the nannies out there…because they have to put up with a lot of nonsense. And the nanny you’re about to hear from decided to teach some... parents a huge lesson. Check out what she did! The Tale of The Maliciously Compliant Nanny. “I’ve been working in…
Marton Perlaki's experimentalConsidering an uncanny medium and how we understand it, the Hungarian's new book blends the playfulness with a welcome loss of control The post Marton Perlaki's experimental images explore the line... between order and chaos appeared first on 1854 Photography.
Photographer Sues Vera WangA photographer has sued fashion designer Vera Wang for posting a photo of Emily Ratajkowski on social media without permission.
Israel Condemns US Award ForIsrael has condemned a U.S. journalism award for handing a top prize to a photographer who was allegedly embedded with Hamas during the October 7 attack.
Students Discover M&M'sStudents at the University of Waterloo in Canada have expressed their dismay after discovering the M&M's vending machine installed on their campus has been spying on them.
Hotels in Las Vegas Are PriceWell, that's not cool!