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Science News

Location American Science News for 26 Feb 2024

Music's Universal Pulse: BodyA groundbreaking cross-cultural study has revealed that music universally influences bodily sensations and emotions, transcending cultural boundaries. Researchers from Western and East Asian... backgrounds discovered that emotional and structural characteristics of music consistently evoke similar bodily sensations--such as changes in the chest, limbs, and head regions--regardless of cultural background.

Does Gut Bacteria Drive Sexual Behavior?

Neuroscience News - 26 Feb 2024 23:11
Does Gut Bacteria Drive SexualResearchers shed light on the complex world of gut microbiota, particularly focusing on the Segatella species, a group previously underexplored due to cultivation challenges. This research, involving... high-resolution genomic analyses, discovered five new Segatella species, enriching our understanding of microbial diversity in the human gut.
SLIM lives! Japan'sAfter enduring two weeks in the freezing lunar night, Japan's SLIM moon lander awoke long enough to snap some new pictures and communicate with researchers on Earth.
Two lunar landers have fallenThe SLIM lander and the Odysseus lander both set down on the lunar surface on their sides, but they have each been able to send data back to Earth
Could Shipwrecked TardigradesJust over five years ago, on February 22, 2019, an unmanned space probe was placed in orbit around the Moon. Named Beresheet and built by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries, it was intended to be... the first private spacecraft to perform a soft landing. Among the probe's payload were tardigrades, renowned for their ability to […]

Speech Speed May Indicate Aging Brain Health

Neuroscience News - 26 Feb 2024 22:36
Speech Speed May IndicateA new study found that the speed of speech, rather than the difficulty in finding words, is a more accurate indicator of brain health in older adults. The research, involving 125 healthy volunteers... aged 18 to 90, utilized AI software to analyze language performance, focusing on speech rate and word-finding pauses.
Novel theory-based evaluationMost of the energy from the sun and other stars comes from a chain of nuclear fusion reactions. The end of this chain is marked by the fusion of protons with beryllium-7 to form boron-8. This process... is key in determining the flow of high-energy solar neutrinos that reach the Earth.

Gut Bacteria May Play Role in Vision Loss

Neuroscience News - 26 Feb 2024 22:16
Gut Bacteria May Play Role inResearchers found a surprising connection between gut bacteria and inherited eye diseases, potentially opening new treatment avenues using antimicrobials. They discovered that a specific genetic... mutation could weaken the body's defenses, allowing gut bacteria to infiltrate the eye and cause sight loss.
We finally know why live musicHearing live music tugs at our heartstrings more than a recording, probably because it increases activity in an emotion-processing region in our brain
How one of the smallest fishThe drumming sound of the 12-millimetre-long fish Danionella cerebrum can hit 140 decibels - now scientists have figured out how they do it
A new theoretical developmentThere is no doubt that water is significant. Without it, life would never have begun, let alone continue today--not to mention its role in the environment itself, with oceans covering over 70% of... Earth.
Serotonin and Dopamine PlayA new study unveiled the intricate role of dopamine and serotonin in social decision-making, using Parkinson's disease patients as subjects. Through the "ultimatum game," the team discovered that... people's choices vary significantly when interacting with humans versus computers, influenced by the dynamic interplay between these neuromodulators.
Laser-focused look at spinningScientists are getting a more detailed look than ever before at the electrons they use in precision experiments.
Wasabi could help preserveAncient and fragile papyrus samples are at risk of being damaged by fungi, but a wasabi-based treatment can disinfect them without damage
Mexico City could be justRecord droughts have been draining Mexico city's aquifers faster than they can be replenished, placing the city at risk of severe water shortages.
Extreme exercise can poseModerate exercise is good for the heart, but high levels of exercise can cause a phenomenon known as "athletic heart," which comes with risks.

Resurrecting niobium for quantum science - 26 Feb 2024 19:53
Resurrecting niobium forFor years, niobium was considered an underperformer when it came to superconducting qubits. Now, scientists supported by Q-NEXT have found a way to engineer a high-performing niobium-based qubit and... take advantage of niobium's superior qualities.
'Finally, we have theA neutron star spotted by the James Webb Space Telescope stayed hidden for 37 years while lurking in the wreckage of a stellar explosion, Supernova 1987A.
Unlocking the secrets of theA groundbreaking body of work led by Monash University physicists has opened a new pathway for understanding the universe's fundamental physics.
1st US spacecraft on moon inDespite tipping over, the spacecraft has still completed the key tasks of its mission.
'It is not very wise to spendMagma accumulating beneath Svartsengi has reached levels recorded on the eve of previous volcanic eruptions and could burst out imminently, according to the Icelandic Met Office.
Collaborating scientists offerScientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have collaborated with the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) on a new study to better understand the degradation of blue organic... light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). The study has been published in Nature Communications.
A machine learning predictorIn a recent development at Fudan University, a team of applied mathematicians and AI scientists has unveiled a cutting-edge machine learning framework designed to revolutionize the understanding and... prediction of Hamiltonian systems. The paper is published in the journal Physical Review Research.
Measuring the properties ofScientists at Paderborn University have used a new method to determine the characteristics of optical quantum states. For the first time, they are using certain photon detectors--devices that can... detect individual light particles--for so-called homodyne detection.
Weird white dwarf star has aAstronomers have spotted a white dwarf star with a patch of metal near one of its magnetic poles, which probably formed when the star devoured a small planet