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Location American Popular News for 8 May 2024

Graduation horror as personA person fell to their death during Ohio State University's graduation ceremony on Sunday. Witnesses told how someone appeared to jump from the stands of the OSU stadium.
Biden's new student-loanThe Education Department plans to begin implementing Biden's new student-debt cancellation plan this fall, and anyone can provide input on the relief.
Terrified little girl, 3, toldWhat seemed to be a young girl's imagination was actually something that led to a shocking discovery in their North Carolina house.
Rob Dart has spent a year on the streets believing people are trying to control him via hypnosis.
Body Cameras Show NYPD FatallyThe man, Win Rozario, 19, had called 911 and seemed to be in mental distress, officials and his family said. The police appeared to shoot him at least four times.
Neve Campbell Says StudioNeve Campbell confirmed today that, after expressing dismay at the pay disparity between her Scream salary and what a man might be offered in the same position, when Spyglass Media Group came to her... for Scream 7, it was with a “strong” offer. “I just really felt the need to stand up and say that […]
U.S. Seeks to Build WorldAn American official said the United States had information undermining Russia's claim that a device it is developing is for peaceful scientific research.
A supercomputer simulationOne day, the world will end. When that happens, the Sun will essentially explode outward, destroying many of the planets around it as it “dies” … The post A supercomputer simulation... just predicted when humans will go extinct appeared first on BGR.
Hitting too close to home: TheHe wasn't the only one left fuming, either. The post Hitting too close to home: The 'South Park' episode Tom Cruise demanded to be pulled first appeared on Far Out Magazine.
Now that's an entrance! RoyalFootage from the match showed the soldier descending from the stadium's rafters as he appeared to set off a red flare.
13 killed as heavy rainsFollowing two days of heavy rains in Haiti, at least 13 people have died; Haiti's Civil Protection Agency said a landslide caused the majority of the deaths.
A military court sentences 88 soldiers were sentenced to death by a military court in eastern Congo for cowardice and other crimes related to fleeing the battlefield, as the government struggles to quell violence in the area.
Trump and Hope Hicks MeetHope Hicks, once a spokeswoman for Donald J. Trump, broke down in tears on the witness stand as she talked about their time together.
Google paid Apple $20 BillionThe ongoing antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet by the Justice Department has revealed that Google paid Apple a staggering $20 billion in 2022 for default search engine status. In 2022, Alphabet paid... Apple $20 billion Google's relationship has been under heavy scrutiny during an antitrust lawsuit accusing the company of using its size as an advantage to prevent competitors from entering the search market. One of the biggest issues in question is how much it pays Apple, which was previously estimated to be nearly $20 billion -- a figure proven true by a new court filing.Despite attempts by Google and Apple to keep the payment confidential, details emerged during the trial through testimony and accidental disclosures. According to a report from Bloomberg, court documents revealed that Google...
The Met Gala theme was bothThe lavish Upper East Side bash was practically "The Hunger Games," but with Kim Kardashian.
Wells Fargo ChampionshipHow to bet on the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow.
Bomb threat sparks evacuationPassengers on a British Airways flight were forced to disembark before take-off at Bermuda's main international airport after a bomb threat, it was confirmed yesterday morning.
Awkward moment furious TomTom Brady willingly signed up for a roast and America's 'Roastmaster General' Jeff Ross took a shot that the quarterback took an exception to.
Tom Brady Gets Triggered ByTom Brady agreed to be roasted in Netflix’s The Greatest Roast of All Time, but one particular joke seemingly went too far for the NFL Hall of Famer. One of the early moments from the comedy... special that went viral was when the seven-time Super Bowl champion got off of his seat to whisper something […]
Clothing retailer Rue21 filesIn a filing last week with U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Delaware, Rue21 said it will close all of its stores over the next two months and hold "going out of business" sales. It will also... sell its intellectual property.
North Korea propaganda songA North Korean song called "Friendly Father" that praises dictator Kim Jong Un as a "great leader" worth bragging about is now viral on TikTok.
Is Putin cracking under thePutin attended a service at the packed Christ the Savior Cathedral for a night-time Easter service led by Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church and an outspoken supporter of the... Kremlin.
Heavy Rains Over Texas HaveFor weeks, drenching rains in Texas and parts of Louisiana have filled reservoirs and saturated the ground.
Daryl Hall Talks New Solo"Say It Isn't So" isn't just the name of a classic Hall & Oates song -- it's the much-headlined reaction to the news that the duo that practically defines duos had a nasty and seemingly final split... last year. The two, who began singing and performing together more than 50 years ago over a mutual […]
ChatGPT's alternative toA newly registered domain name points toward an upcoming ChatGPT-powered search engine.