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Top 100 Stories to Know for 30 May 2023 - United States

Many people choose the wrong plan simply because it all seems too complicated to understand.

Volkswagen Bets an Old SUV Can Help It Win Over Americans

Wall Street Journal - 27 May 2023 06:01
After decades of trying to sell German engineering to Americans only to end up with a tiny slice of the world's most profitable car market, Volkswagen has a new strategy: Revive a once-beloved brand... that hasn't produced cars since 1980.

Can You Pass an 8th-Grade History Test?

The New York Times - 3 May 2023 16:44
Here are five questions of medium difficulty from the eighth-grade U.S. history test given by the federal government.
Astronomers Have Discovered"It looks like nothing else that we've ever seen," said one researcher.
China's war chest: Beijing'sDespite having the world's biggest armed forces, China's military faces a number of serious obstacles in any potential invasion of Taiwan Taiwan's foreign minister says he is preparing for conflict... with China. In an interview this month, Joseph Wu said that "we are taking the Chinese military threat very seriously" and named 2027 as the year to be concerned about. As relations between China and the US spiral ever lower, many analysts are increasingly worried that a conflict could be on the horizon and that the relationship between Taiwan and the US will be an important factor in influencing if and when China attempts to annex the self-governing island.
In new battle for the Pacific,Xi Jinping's aggressive stance and 'wolf-warrior' diplomacy drive the Philippines and other vulnerable countries into Washington's arms US efforts to counter Chinese military expansionism and... political influence in the Indo-Pacific took another significant step forward last week with an agreement to deepen defence and security ties with the Philippines. Yet US president Joe Biden's success in developing bilateral and multilateral alliances may have more to do with growing wariness across the region about Beijing than a sudden desire for closer partnership with Washington.

How Bud Light Blew It

Wall Street Journal - 21 May 2023 11:30
With one blunder after another, the brewing giant behind the brand became a case study in how not to handle a culture-war storm
The class of '73 has survived many awful events, and found a way to maintain our optimism, sense of humor and strength.
Princess Kate stuns inKate Middleton looked elegant in a silk dress and the Queen's stunning diamond necklace at the coronation of King Charles - see the pictures of the Princess of Wales' outfit and headpiece
Ukrainian engineers design DIYDubbed the 'people's missile', the Trembita uses the same technology as the German V1s flying bombs (pictured), or Doodlebugs, used in the Second World War.
George Michael Wins Fan VoteVoter support for the late British pop star was anything but a "Careless Whisper." George Michael Wins Fan Vote for 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Bryan Kress
For Ukraine Military,Some fighters who led an incursion into Russian territory this week have neo-Nazi ties. "I worry that something like this could backfire on Ukraine because these are not ambiguous people."
Tourist, 28, arrested afterDarja Tuschinski, 28, was denied a ticket to the Hindu dance show at the Saraswati Ubud Temple - before allegedly pushing past security and removing her clothes in a bizarre protest caught on camera.
Trump shuns Melania inDonald Trump has been known to use joyous occasions to blast his political foes.
Ex-CIA chief John BrennanFormer CIA Director John Brennan, one of 51 intelligence officials who falsely suggested Hunter Biden's laptop could be Russian disinformation, spoke to a House subcommittee Thursday as the panel... investigates the origin of the “spies who lie” missive. Brennan's transcribed interview with the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government lasted more than...
How Matt Araiza, former NFLEx-NFL punter Matt Araiza and the woman who accused him of rape talk to USA TODAY Sports, shed new light on pending civil case.      
Ukraine confirms claim byWestern "arrogance" is driving a "real war" against Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a Victory Day parade on Moscow's Red Square.      
How a small-town auto mechanic peddling a green-energy breakthrough pulled off a massive scam
Former homeless man saves babyA recently homeless man played the role of hero when a runaway stroller rolled down an unobstructed path toward oncoming traffic. The rescue was caught on video.
Demand for property in Alys Beach, a planned community on Florida's Panhandle, has soared over the last few years--even if there are a lot of rules
China's war chest: BeijingA dependence on food and energy imports could be China's biggest weakness in a potential future conflict with Taiwan Not much could unite Peng Lifa, the activist who disappeared after staging a rare... anti-lockdown protest in Beijing last year, and Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader who Peng was criticising. But in October 2022, both men diagnosed the same vulnerability in China: food. "We want food, not PCR tests," read Peng's bright red characters, emblazoned on a banner hung over Beijing's Sitong Bridge on 13 October. Three days later, Xi gave a speech to the Chinese Communist party (CCP) about how to "hold high the great banner of Socialism with Chinese characteristics".
Sydney fire in Surry Hills:TikTok videos have emerged showing the now destroyed building in Surry Hills was a hangout for teenagers before it burst into flames.

Pilgrims to Pope Francis: Take the Cannoli

Wall Street Journal - 23 May 2023 02:20
The pope received a gift of pastries from members of the Society of Divine Vocations, which promotes religious vocations. The audience marked the first anniversary of the canonization of St. Justin... Russolillo, the Vocationists' founder.
Ukrainian city of KhmelnytskyiVladimir Putin appears to be targeting ammunition storages in west Ukraine as Kyiv's counter-offensive approaches.
Trump calls E. Jean CarrollTrump blasted CNN's Kaitlan Collins' as a 'nasty woman,' slammed writer E. Jean Carroll for her rape accusation, refused to say he lost to Joe Biden and defended the January 6th rioters.