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Top 100 Stories to Know for 25 Jun 2024 - United States

Clarence Thomas raised him 'asYears ago, Thomas took in a 6-year-old relative who reminded him of himself. His sister's grandson, Mark Martin was a "challenge."

IMF Data Shows Decline in US Dollar Dominance - 16 Jun 2024 00:06
IMF Data Shows Decline in USRecent data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) points to an ongoing decline in the U.S. dollar's share of allocated foreign reserves held by central banks and governments. Economists explained... that reserve managers are attracted to nontraditional reserve currencies “because they provide diversification and relatively attractive yields, and because they have become increasingly easy to […]
Giant loophole may protectTrump says he does not hold a liquor license anywhere in the US. Keeping his name off the paperwork may insulate him now that he's a felon.
As Europe's carbon tax hoversWith just six months left for the European Union's carbon tax on steel and other imports to kick in, India is asking the country's steel producers to adopt carbon-capture technologies and replace coal... with green hydrogen to fire their furnaces
Bearish Nvidia option betsTrading in bearish options tied to Nvidia Corp. spiked on Thursday ahead of a record-setting "triple witching" expiration, as shares in the chip designer swung more than 5% from peak to trough.

Microsoft under fire for recent cybersecurity lapses

American Banker - 20 Jun 2024 03:00
Microsoft under fire forChinese and Russian hackers recently accessed government and company executives' email accounts, bringing scrutiny to the tech giant's security practices.
We're in our 70s and don'tThere are options for people who don't have family -- or don't want their family -- to handle their affairs
Dave & Buster's stock sinks asHowever, executives said that sales and profits had improved through May and early June as it tries to revamp stores, strengthen its loyalty program and upsell consumers on food and games.
Successful applicant forThe man chosen for a unique $100 ($66 USD) an hour Domino's Pizza job which went viral has been revealed.
Polygon Spinoff Avail RaisesThe news comes three months after Avail, the data availability company, disclosed its $27 million seed funding round.
Sonoco purchases EuropeanPackaging giant Sonoco is poised to become the leading maker of metal food cans globally.
Fed's Goolsbee lays out dovishChicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee said Monday there are new signs of stress on the economy that should make the U.S. central bank at least wonder if its policy rate needs to be as high as it... currently is.
Bugatti unveils new sports carHigh-performance automaker Bugatti has unveiled its next-generation hyper sports car, the Tourbillon, its successor to the Chiron.

Nvidia's chips are very popular. Its brand, less so.

Business Insider - 24 Jun 2024 01:22
Nvidia recently became a multi-trillion-dollar company amid the AI boom. However, according to a consulting firm, it struggles with brand recognition.
China and EU to hold talks onThe EU and China still disagree about the import taxes, but have agreed to discuss them further.
US Government to Report SeizedThe Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) has clarified that seized crypto assets should be treated as “nonmonetary property” while central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)... should be treated as monetary instruments. The federal authority claims that cryptocurrencies “do not typically possess all monetary characteristics,” emphasizing that they “are not effective as a unit of account, […]
Shein's £50billion LondonA series of criticisms levelled at Shein has irked some in the upper echelons of the Chinese government, according to senior City sources.
Ripple CEO Hails Latest CourtRipple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says the latest court ruling on Ripple’s securities lawsuit “is a big win.” He stressed that “absolutely nothing in the decision negates or changes... the fact that XRP is, in and of itself, not a security.” The Ripple executive slammed allegations of misleading statements about his XRP position, stating that the […]
All roads lead to Nvidia asNvidia Corp became the world's most valuable company, driving record inflows into tech funds. Bank of America Corp strategists noted $8.7 billion inflow in tech funds via EPFR Global data, with... strategist Michael Hartnett commenting on the impact of Nvidia's success.

Eurozone business activity slows on French vote risk

The Economic Times - 22 Jun 2024 06:06
Eurozone business activityEuro-area private-sector business activity lost momentum as France's snap election outcome weighs on firms. S&P Global's PMI fell to 50.8 in June, disappointing analysts. Europe's economy, recovering... from last year's recession, faces challenges.
Vietnamese Hackers Indicted inFour Vietnamese nationals were charged in a U.S. court for a series of cyber intrusions causing over $71 million in losses. The defendants, part of the cybercrime group “FIN9,” allegedly... hacked U.S. companies from May 2018 to October 2021, stealing non-public information, employee benefits, and funds. They used stolen personal and credit card information to […]
Under Armour to Settle ClaimsThe sportswear brand said it has agreed to pay $434 million to settle claims related to past company financials and focus on its restructuring plan.
Microsoft back as mostThe artificial intelligence chip giant briefly took the top spot from the software company this week.
American Airlines CEO SaysAmerican Airlines put employees on leave for their involvement in an incident where Black passengers were removed from a flight in Phoenix.
The global spike in luxuryGlobal sales growth for luxury goods is expected to slow this year, per a Bain & Compnay report. "Luxury shaming" in China could be a factor.