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Top 100 Stories to Know for 24 May 2024 - United States

'Where Did Justine Go?' OneJustine Payton was drawn to a Hare Krishna ashram for its yoga, meditation and vegan meals. She's still figuring out what went wrong.
How a Labour MP became aThe transformation of John Woodcock exposes the authoritarian potential that can lurk in Britain's centre left During the final, beleaguered stages of the last Labour government, one of the stern... young party functionaries who used to cluster protectively around the prime minister, Gordon Brown, on his visits to public places was John Woodcock, then one of Brown's special advisers. Despite the government's disintegrating poll ratings, Woodcock still had that New Labour cockiness, giving journalists disdainful glances as he strode past in a close-fitting suit. At the 2010 election, despite Brown's defeat, Woodcock became MP for the relatively safe Labour seat of Barrow and Furness. Three years later I interviewed him there for an article about the defence industry, of which he was a strong...
Indonesia's Ibu volcanoThe volcano on the remote island of Halmahera spewed grey ash clouds into the sky as streaks of purple lightning flashed around its crater A volcano on the remote Indonesian island of Halmahera has... spectacularly erupted, spewing a grey ash cloud into the sky and forcing people from seven nearby villages to evacuate, authorities have said. Mount Ibu erupted on Saturday evening, sending ash 4km into the sky, as streaks of purple lightning flashed around its crater, according to information and images shared by Indonesia's volcanology agency.
Dive team finds bodies of 2Alaska State Troopers say dive teams found the two bodies.
Ohio Elections OfficialThe Biden campaign is considering suing to ensure the president is on the ballot, after the Republican secretary of state said he would bar him over what is normally a minor procedural issue.
'My songs spread like herpes':In the 1950s and 60s, his songs stunned and delighted listeners with their irreverence, wit and nihilism. Then he gave it all up to teach mathematics. Lehrer is still alive at 96 - so I went in search... of answers In 1959, at the stifling, snobbish Jesuit boarding school to which my loving parents had unwisely subcontracted my care, Tom Lehrer's songs burst upon my consciousness like a clown in a cathedral. Days there began with mass, and ended with an uplifting homily in the chapel from an elderly and skeletal priest, generally about death. "Your best friends will desert you leaving you nothing but a winding sheet," was one of his more cheerful messages. Between the two there was catechism, rugby, occasional bullying and fairly frequent beatings. But we had the "playroom", where we could...
Brit, 73, dies and 23 areAfter around 11 hours of flying time from take off in London, the aircraft bound for Singapore sharply dropped around 6,000 feet in just five minutes, causing chaos in the cabin.
Ukraine war briefing: KyivUkrainian prosecutors investigating possible war crimes in Kharkiv and Vovchansk as Zelenskiy says his troops are fighting back: What we know on day 816 Ukraine says Russian shelling targeted... civilians in two cities in the north-eastern region of Kharkiv on Saturday. Ukrainian prosecutors said they were investigating as a potential war crime a Russian airstrike on a residential area of the regional capital Kharkiv in which six civilians were wounded, including a 13-year-old girl, 16-year-old male and an eight-year-old. Moscow denies deliberately targeting civilians but thousands have been killed and injured since its February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. In Vovchansk, a city just 5 km from the Russian border and about 70 km to the north-east of Kharkiv, Ukrainian prosecutors said Russian...
Israeli abuse of jailedWith thousands now held without charge, lawyers say Israel is signalling that no detainee is safe Marwan Barghouti spends his days huddled in a cramped, dark, solitary cell, with no way to tend to his... wounds, and a shoulder injury from being dragged with his hands cuffed behind his back. Barghouti holds almost mythic status within Palestinian politics, seen as a figure whose potential to unify different factions has only grown during his 24 years in prison.
Ukraine war briefing: Russia'sUkrainian president admits his army lacks enough troops and has only 25% of the air defences it needs as Russia advances in the north-east. What we know on day 815 Ukraine's president, Volodymyr... Zelenskiy, has warned that Russia's offensive in the north-eastern Kharkiv region this month may only be the "first wave" of several and Russian troops could aim for the city of Kharkiv. "We have to be sober and understand that they are going deeper into our territory. Not vice versa," Zelenskiy said on Friday in an interview with AFP. Russian forces "want to attack" the city, one of Ukraine's largest, although they realise it would be "very difficult", he added. Zelenskiy said the situation in the region, where Russia has seized several border villages, was "controlled" but "not stabilised" after...
Man charged with murder inOregon authorities have identified and charged a suspect in the 2023 deaths of three women -- Charity Lynn Perry, 24, Bridget Leanne Webster, 31, and Joanna Speaks, 32.
Ukraine war briefing: FranceChina sending Russia lethal aid, says British defence secretary; Zelenskiy stresses need for defence against glide bombs. What we know on day 820 France has carried out its first test firing of an... updated nuclear-capable missile, the ASMPA-R, designed to be launched by a Rafale fighter jet, according to the French defence minister, Sebastien Lecornu. It came a day after Russia said it began nuclear drills in its southern military district, which stretches from Russia into occupied Ukrainian territory. The announcement of Russian drills is partly directed at France after its president, Emmanuel Macron, said he would not rule out sending in troops on Ukraine's side. Lecornu said the missile was fired without a warhead by a plane in an exercise "above national territory ... at the end of a...
President Macron Arrives inNew Caledonia, a French territory in the Pacific, is on the brink of civil war as pro-independence activists protest a law that would expand voting rights.
Inside the White House, aAfter a sobering trip to Kyiv, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken is urging the president to lift restrictions on how Ukraine can use American arms.
Brazil's flooded south seesTwo men have been reported dead from the same waterborne bacterial disease in southern Brazil, where flooding over around a two-week period forced over 600,000 people from their homes.
The Mexican state wherePoliticians are shocked by an even more violent campaign than usual, particularly in Guerrero state.
Sparring in Trump DocumentsA prosecutor got into a heated exchange with Judge Aileen Cannon over a minor point, as the case continues to crawl.
From Zambia to Afghanistan,The UN's World Food Programme is calling on donors for help as extreme weather related to the El Niño phenomenon is causing a hunger surge in countries including Afghanistan and Zambia.
Trump's Hush-Money Trial: KeyAn aggressive cross-examination, a judge's scolding and then a pause before the jury considers the case.
I went a week withoutAs I report more, I've stopped thinking of UPFs as food at all - and I suspect corporations don't care how their products affect consumers Ultra-processed foods are ultra bad for you. Here's what to... know I've been standing in the dairy aisle at my local grocery store, poring over the nutrition labels on the backs of different soy, almond and oat milk containers, for 15 minutes when I decide: maybe not this week. I've spent the past four months reporting on ultra-processed foods and wanted to see whether it'd be possible to go even a week without them. The problem is, I can't find any dairy-free milks that fit the bill. The soy creamer that I've fixed my morning cups of tea with for nearly a decade is chock-full of ingredients I now recognize as markers of an ultra-processed product:...
Fani Willis and JudgeThe intense public interest in the election case has thrust both Fani Willis and Judge Scott McAfee into the national spotlight
Police launch urgent probeA police officer is being investigated after a social media video appeared to show him striking a disabled man in a wheelchair in St Peter's Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Ex-Cop Derek Chauvin PinnedA former employee sued the city of Minneapolis on Tuesday, alleging ex-cop Derek Chauvin pinned her to the ground in January 2020.
No Gaza Aid Delivered ThroughThe temporary pier is one of few remaining entry points for aid shipments since Israel began an incursion into Rafah, in southern Gaza, earlier this month.
Giuliani agrees to ceaseGiuliani agrees to cease election fraud accusations against Freeman, Moss