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Golden retriever named TriggerBy any reckoning, it is a well-deserved retirement. Golden retriever Trigger is finally calling it a day after fathering more than 300 guide dog puppies.
Rescuers plan helicopterPlans are underway to airlift a stranded killer whale calf out of a remote tidal lagoon off Canada's northern Vancouver Island in an effort to reunite the young orca with its extended family
Brave victim describesWhen he shouted, 'Dad, watch out - a bear!' as they cycled together last Sunday, his father Filip ignored him. His reaction was understandable.
Mountain lion kills 1, injuresThe two young men were out hunting for shed antlers.
US man pleads guilty toTravis John Branson killed about 3,600 protected birds to sell their parts online from 2015-21.
Woman dies after being chasedShe was walking with a male companion when they were set upon by a bear, local officials say.
Number of abandoned FrenchExclusive: Number of such dogs that have been dumped rose from eight in 2020 to 582 in 2023, RSPCA says They may be lauded in the show ring, adored by celebrities, and feature in myriad adverts, but... the number of French bulldogs being abandoned has risen sharply in recent years, data suggests. According to the RSPCA, the number of such dogs in England and Wales that have been dumped rose from eight in 2020 to 582 in 2023 - an increase of more than 7,000% in three years.
UK government overturns plans'Sunak now wants all the badgers dead,' says ecological consultant Tom Langton The government has U-turned on its plans to phase out the badger cull, with proposals to exterminate the vast majority of... some local populations across much of south-west and central England. Ministers plan to introduce controversial targeted culling, also known as "epidemiological culling" or "epi-culling", whereby populations of badgers can be reduced to almost zero in some areas where cattle are deemed to be at high risk of contracting bovine TB (bTB).
PETA protesters removed fromAnimal rights protesters were removed from Crufts Dog Show after trying to run onto the arena floor.
Revealed: At least 38,000 XLThe banned breeds register showed some 38,424 were granted a £92 exemption to avoid being put down before the February 1 deadline for England and Wales.
Carrying chickens by theirDefra proposal to relax farming rules accused of breaking Tory pledge to raise standards post-Brexit as the practice can cause pain Proposals to legalise the carrying of chickens by their legs in the... UK would represent an unacceptable dilution of animal welfare standards and the first such weakening of regulations in the area since Brexit, campaigners have said. The government's Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) has made the recommendation despite acknowledging it to be a "welfare compromise" that can cause "pain, discomfort and breathing difficulty" leading to distress and injuries such as fractures and dislocations.
Norway considers 'boar-proofMeasures to eradicate wild boar population hoped to stem risk of African swine fever outbreak Norway could build a fence along its border with Sweden as part of a package of measures designed to... eradicate its wild boar population after an outbreak of African swine fever in Sweden last year. Up to 2,000 wild boars face slaughter in Norway under the plan submitted by the country's food safety authority and its environment agency, on the grounds of the "great danger" boars pose to commercial pig farming.
Compton man who may have beenAuthorities say a Compton man who may have been breeding pit bulls has been mauled to death in a backyard
Nearly Half of the World'sAbout 44% of migratory species worldwide are declining in population, according to a new U.N. report.
How roadside rubbish kills upThe animal charity has warned that over the last three years, they received more than 10,000 reports of animals becoming distressed or even killed by discarded rubbish.
Dog rescued by Coast GuardThis dog is full of surprises! The adorable — and resilient — pooch who was trapped inside a Texas shipping container for over a week before being rescued by US Coast Guard officers is... pregnant, the group caring for the animal announced this week. After the canine — nicknamed Connie the container dog — was...
Texas takes a twist onThe Texas armadillo, "Bee Cave Bob," is challenging Punxsutawney Phil to see which mascot has the most accurate weather forecast.
Kentucky groundhog dies onMajor, a nearly 10-year-old rodent meteorologist living at the Second Chances Wildlife Center, peacefully succumbed overnight to heart issues brought on by his age, the center's staff said.
King penguin swims thousandsThe bird, usually found on subantarctic islands, believed to be undergoing annual moulting on land at Coorong beach Follow our Australia news live blog for latest updates Get our morning and afternoon... news emails, free app or daily news podcast A king penguin has made its way from the Antarctic region to the South Australian coastline, where it is likely to stay on land to undergo a "catastrophic moult". Members of a local birdwatching society were surprised when they spotted the bird on a beach, thousands of kilometres from its usual habitat. Sign up for Guardian Australia's free morning and afternoon email newsletters for your daily news roundup
Circus animals get loose onIncredible footage shows the four camels strolling on the pavement of Interstate 69 as smoke billows in the background.

More Than 100 Animals Seized From Long Island Home

The New York Times - 27 Jan 2024 03:42
More Than 100 Animals SeizedAnimal welfare authorities say the animals were being illegally held and included a South American ostrich, a giant African snail, two prairie dogs and an endangered tiger salamander.
How South Korea fell in loveNational assembly votes to end trade in dog meat, thanks to its canine-loving leaders Like most young South Koreans, Annie Ko rarely ate dog meat, but her annual visits to a restaurant serving the... dish did little to trouble her conscience. And she was only vaguely aware of the international criticism that led to last week's vote to ban the breeding, slaughter and sale of dog meat in the country. It was when she volunteered as an interpreter for Humane Society International that her views on eating dog meat - a tradition some claim goes back centuries - changed dramatically.
'Overwhelmed' Florida woman,A Florida woman has been arrested for animal cruelty and animal neglect charges after 164 birds, 142 cats and 3 dogs were seized from her property by police.
Golden Retriever raising packA mother's love knows no bounds -- or species.
Internet-famous Goldendoodle,He's cute, fluffy and famous -- and he's the latest four-legged member of the Miami Beach Police Department. Brodie, a 3-year-old, 80-pound Goldendoodle, has become a viral internet sensation and has... earned a whopping $1 million in branding deals this past year alone for his owner, 33-year-old Cliff Brush. On Thursday, the massive pooch officially...