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Technology News

Location American Technology News for 25 Feb 2015

How Big Spaceship fostersThe internal structure is the most important thing about an agency, CEO of agency Big Spaceship Michael Lebowitz tells Mashable. It's important to think strategically about who you are hiring, but... also how the organizational structure and physical space will play a part Big Spaceship doesn't have creative directors, and it doesn't separate the agency physically by departments. "There is no template anymore," Lebowtiz says. "We need to make everything unique, custom, and — I hate to use this word — but bespoke every time." And to do this, an agency — or a company of any kind — must think about how physical space can affect work behavior"The physical space is a canvas for the people who work here. You need to build as elastic a space as you can, so that there is a...
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Brit brand Kazam blasted forBritish phone and tablet manufacturer Kazam has fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK which has banned the company's latest TV ad for being "overtly sexual". The ASA also... concluded that the one minute commercial could cause offence...


The Gadget Flow - 25 Feb 2015 07:30
Streetwood-OneStreetwood-One is the result of two years of prototyping, designing, testing, shaping and perfecting. These headphones are designed specifically for daily use. Headphones are not just for listening to... your favourite music in perfect hi-fidelity, they are also about expressing your style. Wearing this customizable 'accessory' will make you stand out from the crowd. You are unique, so why not your headphones too?
Bravo NASA f0r capturing this new cool Mars Curiosity selfie on the surface of Mars at its new research site, the Mojave. NASA made this image by combining dozens of photos taken during January 2015.... Here is the annotated version, so you can see the sites that the rover visited before reaching this point.
Google makes it more difficultGoogle has added a new warning to Chrome that pops up before users visit a site that will encourage downloads of unwanted software, the search engine announced on Monday The red warning, pictured... above, lets readers know that the site they're about to visit "might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience" by, for example, switching your homepage or injecting extra ads on your screen. Chrome already has a warning that pops up once a software download is initiated See also: 5 super easy tips for better online security on Safer Internet Day In addition, Google's search engine has added a framework that better helps Google pick up on deceptive sites, reducing the likelihood that they will show up in search results

6 YouTube stars making more money than you

USA Today - 25 Feb 2015 00:16
6 YouTube stars making moreThese YouTube sensations are making big bucks off of their personalities.          
Audi prologue Avant ConceptAudi is showing off a new concept car called the prologue Avant and it is a very modern and sleek shooting brake or station wagon as we would call it in the US. The car has a hybrid powertrain and... produces an impressive amount of power to the tune of 455hp and 553.2 lb-ft of torque. The prologue Avant is …

What Clever Robots Mean for Jobs

Wall Street Journal - 25 Feb 2015 09:35
What Clever Robots Mean forExperts are rethinking the belief that technology always lifts employment as machines take on skills once thought uniquely human.
FBI offers record $3M rewardThe man is suspected of being the mastermind behind the GameOver Zeus botnet, which was used by cybercriminals to steal more than $100 million.
The Eiffel Tower now generatesThe famous Paris landmark has been fitted with two new wind turbines that generate enough electricity to power the commercial areas of its first floor.
The International Space Station isn't expected to maintain funding past 2024, but that doesn't mean that everything will come crashing down when the money runs out. Russia's Federal Space Agency has... decided that it will keep its station modules in or...
If good design is invisible, then you might not notice the intentional choices that go into designing a landscape. It's the work of a landscape architect to subtly guide you through a physical space... and shape how you interact with it, and it's a bit more than just choosing the potted plants.
Google's AI wins SpaceA new study has been published this week which suggests that artificial intelligence can now learn "human-level control." The team of researchers come from Google's DeepMind, where they're using Space... Invaders - the video game - to show how the search for truly human artificial intelligence isn't too far off. The machine learns to play the video game, learns to …
Toronto police perplexed byTORONTO — Police are still puzzled over the origins of a mystery tunnel that was discovered in the city last month, and are asking the public to step forward if they have any information.... Toronto police announced the existence of the tunnel Tuesday. It's located in a heavily wooded area of Black Creek Parkland near Rexall Centre, a tennis stadium. The police have found no new leads in their ongoing investigation, Constable Victor Kwong told Mashable on Wednesday. If you built a tunnel near the Rexall Centre in #Toronto give us a call, k? 416-808-2222 — Chris Boddy (@TPSChrisBoddy) February 24, 2015
Siri, Cortana saves voiceThe recent privacy scandal that Samsung's Smart TVs have brought the issue of privacy and security with such voice-controlled features into the spotlight. But if you thought that Samsung was alone in... this behavior, you'd be dead wrong. Perhaps it isn't common knowledge yet that smart assistants like Siri, Google Now, or even Cortana do keep your commands for some …
NASA satellite shows how muchNASA is using one of its satellites to determine how much sand from the Sahara Desert in Africa ends up helping the Amazon rainforest in South America to grow. While the two locations are on different... continents, the amount of dust from the desert that makes its way to the rain forest will surprise you. NASA used one of its …
The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has ruled that Apple must pay $532.9 million because iTunes infringed three patents owned by a Texas-based patent licensing called company... Smartflash.
Intel isn't the only chip giant championing battery life over performance this year. AMD has revealed Carrizo, a processor range that's focused heavily on extending the running time of... performance-oriented laptops. While there will be double-digit bo...
Arms, Cells ... Faces? How 3DIf 3D printed organs and prosthetics weren't already cool, now Marvel is on board.
Human Brains Are Hardwired ToPeople routinely dismiss Web browser security warnings and just continue to their desired content without giving the threat a second thought. Researchers now suggest that this response could be... hardwired into the human brain.
Samsung Galaxy S SeriesSamsung has begun rolling out the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to devices in its flagship Galaxy S smartphone series. Here's an update on the progress so far.

Rocket Re-Entry Lights Up Sky over Utah

NBC News - 25 Feb 2015 01:18
A rocket used in the launch of Chinese satellite in December reenters Earth's atmosphere, lighting up the night sky over Utah.
UK 1st country to OK creation of human embryos from 3 people to avoid passing on diseases
Top 5 Sub-$200 Smartphones ForWhile flagship devices like the Apple iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 are great, some might not want to drop that much money on a rectangle that lives in your pocket most of the time anyway. Here... are the top 5 smartphones that money can buy, provided that money is $200 or less.
Expect The Hacks To Keep On2014 was a bad year for high-profile hacks. Home Depot, Apple, Target, Sony, the State Department and a number of others were hit hard last year, which cost the companies, the government, and many... consumers big money.