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Technology News

Location American Technology News for 26 Feb 2015

Who killed Tony the Tiger?

The Loop - 26 Feb 2015 23:27
Bloomberg: For almost a century, Kellogg defined the American breakfast: a moment when people would be jolted out of their drowsiness--often with a stupendous serving of sugar.The sales of 19 of... Kellogg's top 25 cereals eroded last year, according to Consumer Edge Research, a Stamford (Conn.) firm that tracks the food industry. Sales of Frosted Flakes, the company's No. 1 brand, fell 4.5 percent.Kellogg executives don't expect cereal sales to return to growth this year, though they hope to slow the rate of decline and do better in 2016. But some Wall Street analysts say cereal sales may never fully recover. In Battle Creek, so-called Cereal City, that would be the equivalent of the apocalypse. I haven't sat down to a bowl of breakfast cereal in more than a decade but my favourite was...
'Afghan Girl' from famousSharbat Gula, the subject of the iconic June 1985 National Geographic cover at age 12, has resurfaced after it was revealed she was living illegally in Pakistan. The new photo comes from Gula's... Pakistani national identity card, a document that a foreign national like Gula should not be able to obtain. See also: Photos from Afghanistan: Longest war in U.S. history comes to an end Gula's card has since been cancelled by the Pakistani government and, according to the Indian Express, the four officials suspected of taking bribes to grant her and her two sons the documents have been suspended. The image gracing the June 1985 cover was called the most recognized photograph in the history of the magazine. Image: National Geographic

Whiplr: The Tinder For Kinky BDSM People

The Huffington Post - 26 Feb 2015 21:34
Whiplr: The Tinder For KinkyIf you like to get beaten, a new app can't be beat. It's called Whiplr, and it's described as being a Tinder for people into BDSM.
Space-walking astronaut safeWardrobe malfunctions can happen with every style of clothing. It’s just a little terrifying when it happens to an astronaut on a spacewalk. NASA astronaut Terry Virts reported a floating blob... of water inside his helmet Wednesday after completing a…

YouTube: 1 Billion Viewers, No Profit

Wall Street Journal - 26 Feb 2015 04:19
YouTube: 1 Billion Viewers, NoYouTube accounted for about 6% of Google's overall sales last year, but the video website doesn't produce a profit--despite a billion monthly users.
(Reuters) - Chinese computer and smartphone firm Lenovo Group Ltd said its website was hacked on Wednesday, its second security blemish days after the U.S. government advised consumers to remove... software called "Superfish" pre-installed on its laptops.
Pebble Time Vs. Apple Watch:Pebble has announced the Pebble Time, saying that it is gearing up to take on the likes of the Apple Watch. But how exactly does the Pebble Time compare to the likes of the Apple Watch?
Human head transplant just twoSurgeon Sergio Canavero will be embarking on a project to implement the world's first human head transplant.
Drop Sugar for Lent? Here'sIf you are abstaining from sweets for Lent this year, here's what you can expect over the next 40 days.
KitchenAid's Multi-CookerYour stove can steam, sear, sauté, simmer... basically any cooking technique that starts with an "s." KitchenAid's new Multi-Cooker can do all that, too, but it also is a self-stirring slow... cooker to boot. The post KitchenAid's Multi-Cooker stirs the pot and can handle just about any task a stove can appeared first on Digital Trends.
Original 'Mary Poppins' song"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" sounds like a dark-arts incantation in a new video version of the song from YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt.
Earth's other 'moon' couldWe all know and love the moon. We're so assured that we only have one that we don't even give it a specific name. It is the second-brightest object in the night sky, and amateur astronomers take great... delight in mapping its craters and seas. To date, it is the only other heavenly body with human footprints. What you might not know is that the moon is not the Earth's only natural satellite. As recently as 1997, we discovered that another body, 3753 Cruithne, is what's called a quasi-orbital satellite of Earth. This simply means that Cruithne doesn't loop around the Earth in a nice ellipse in the same way as the moon, or indeed the artificial satellites we loft into orbit. Instead, Cruithne scuttles around the inner solar system in what's called a "horseshoe" orbit.

Pebble Time - Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises

The Gadget Flow - 26 Feb 2015 09:01
Pebble Time - AwesomeColor e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what’s important in your day. We’re announcing a new watch called Pebble Time with a new... timeline interface. Pebble Time features a new color e-paper display and microphone for responding to notifications. No compromises on what you love about Pebble: up to 7 days of battery life, water resistance and customizability. Pebble Time is fully compatible with all 6,500+ existing Pebble apps and...

Paris spooked by mystery drone flights

Engadget - 26 Feb 2015 07:03
Paris has an unusual (and rather nerve-wracking) flying robot problem on its hands. Residents have spotted drones illegally flying over city landmarks over the past two evenings, including hotspots... like the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides military museum...
Apple will appeal $533 millionAttempting to avoid paying more than half a billion to a patent company, Apple will appeal a recent decision that found patent infringement issues related to features within iTunes. The post Apple... will appeal $533 million patent infringement verdict appeared first on Digital Trends.
Working with colleagues from Deakin University and CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), researchers from Australia's Monash University have created the world's first... 3D-printed jet engine. While they were at it, they created the world's second one, too. One of them is currently on display at the International Air Show in Avalon, Australia, while the other can be seen at the headquarters of French aerospace company Microturbo, in Toulouse...
A vast electric fence is being erected around Mount Kenya, one of the world's great refuges for wildlife. Will it help people and animals coexist?

MIT Scientists Develop Quick Test For Ebola

Tech Times - 26 Feb 2015 00:51
MIT Scientists Develop QuickScientists at MIT have developed an Ebola test that only takes 10 minutes. In the field it could help detect the highly contagious disease quickly so that doctors can contain an outbreak faster.
Supermassive black hole'sScientists lead by Xue-Bing Wu from Peking University have spotted a quasar that dates back nearly to the beginning of time. This beast goes by the name of SDSSJ010013.021280225.8 - or if you want to... be short about it, just SDSS J0100+2802. What makes this monstrous heavenly body so important is its age and its size. While it's not the …
Last Chance To Save 55% On TheThe Code Black drone with built-in HD camera has been a very popular deal, but it's about to end. As of this writing, there are 11 hours left to get it for $89-retail is $199. It fits in your palm,... has a six-axis gyro, takes HD video, and flies for 10 minutes. Check it out.
Google exec: It'sTechnically Incorrect: In an interview, Google's product head, Sundar Pichai, replies to Tim Cook's criticism of Android.
Pebble Time eclipses originalIn just a few days, the new Pebble smartwatch has out-raised its predecessor on Kickstarter, and now it's gunning for the world's coolest cooler, literally.
Microsoft's new 'FutureWhat might the future of productivity look like? Microsoft thinks it'll include hyper-advanced digital assistants, wearables with gesture controls and touchscreens everywhere, including the walls of... your office. The post Microsoft’s new ‘Future Vision’ shows super-intelligent digital assistant appeared first on Digital Trends.

Who's Afraid of Android Fragmentation?

Slashdot - 26 Feb 2015 21:55
Nerval's Lobster writes: The dreaded term "fragmentation" has been applied to Android more times than anyone can count over the past half-decade. That's part of the reason why game developers often... build for iOS before Android, even though Android offers a bigger potential customer base worldwide, and more types of gaming experiences. Fortunately, new sets of tools allow game developers to build for one platform and port their work (fairly) easily to another. "We've done simultaneously because it is such a simple case of swapping out the textures and also hooking up different APIs for scores and achievements," London-based indie developer Tom Vian told Dice. "I've heard that iOS is a better platform to launch on first, but there's no sense for us in waiting when we can spend half a day and...
Ain't no mountain high enoughValery Rozov is running out of mountains off which to jump. The Red-Bull-pedaling daredevil added Mount Kilimanjaro to a recent jump in a wingsuit, traveling a horizontal distance of nearly two miles... in a minute-long free fall before pulling his…