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Technology News

Location American Technology News for 5 Aug 2015

Swincar's electric conceptFrench company Swincar has unveiled its electric "spider car" concept, which features four unique limbs with completely independent suspension. The vehicle is capable of traveling up to about 25 mph.... The post Swincar's electric concept conquers uneven terrain with four independent limbs appeared first on Digital Trends.
Women can now change theirThere's been an accident: An unexpected period, a drip of pee or a case of sweaty swamp butt. Now it's time to change your underwear Just one problem: You can't swap your undies in plain sight It's a... problem most women (and men) have run into, which is both uncomfortable and awkward. In response, one woman created a new active-intimate apparel line that hopes to solve the issue See also: This new underwear uses medical-grade silicone to smooth out your camel toe Slick Chicks is an intimates brand that allows women to change panties without taking off their clothes. The underwear comes with easily removable hook and eye closures at each side, so a woman can slip in and out of a pair whenever she needs

Minimalist Leather Wallet

The Gadget Flow - 5 Aug 2015 23:00
Minimalist Leather WalletThis Minimalist Leather Wallet has been designed to fit in your front pocket perfectly. It comes with rounded corners and makes sure to slide in and out of your pocket without any restriction. These... wallets are slim and minimal designs which are hand-stitched and comes with two thread colors. There are two sleeves which are capable of holding 8-10 credit cards. Distressed leather has been used to make these wallets that are unique and gets better with age. You'll get...
Your Smartphone's Battery LifeJust when you thought battery life is the only thing that keeps you safe from snoops, researchers come out with a new study saying you're wrong. People online can track your activities just by knowing... how much battery life you have left.
DotA 2 The InternationalDotA 2's The International managed to raise a whopping $18 million in prize money ahead of the competition, basically indicating just how popular the game and the scene is. However it looks like... during one of the competitions, a DDoS attack forced the tournament's organizers to delay it. This was confirmed in a report from VentureBeat who said that Valve's on-stage commentators revealed the reason the competition had been paused was due to a DDoS attack. This essentially put the entire competition on pause for a good 3 hours. The games have since resumed but safe to say that no one, including the players and the audience who had to wait, was happy about it. Valve has yet to comment on the attack, but it seems like this isn't the first time the competition has run into connectivity issues....
LG 55EG960V 4K OLED TV review:It's been a long and winding road for OLED TVs. The display technology, which promises deeper blacks and richer colours than LED-backlit LCD tellies, started its consumer TV life in 2013 with the LG... 55EM970V. Problem is, that telly cost £10,000. We're...
Yahoo on Monday shut down a cyber hack attack that exploited the company's ad network for a full week to deliver malware directly to the computers of users who visited the company's websites, the... cyber security firm that discovered the attack said this week. Yahoo did not reveal how many users were affected, but it could be substantial, given that Yahoo gets 6.9 billion visits a month.
A 12-year-old girl got aNicole Barr, a 12-year-old in Essex, London, just scored a 162 on her Mensa IQ test — that's two points higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking scored. A "genius" score on the test is a... 140 See also: Can you solve this super simple logic question that's stumping the Internet? Nicole's father, Jim Barr, took Nicole to take the test with the hunch that she would likely be accepted into Mensa “I was expecting her to do well. I knew she had a quick mind for working out problems and puzzles,” Jim told Yahoo. “I didn’t want to put any pressure on her, so we went for the fun of it. I had the idea in my mind that she would get into Mensa, but when I got the results back, I thought, ‘Wow that’s a high score!’ It wasn’t until later that I...
Russian jeweller offers theSomeone, somewhere not only has no aesthetic taste, but also feels an inexplicable need to pay tribute to Russian President Vladimir Putin - or so Russian jewellery brand Caviar apparently believes.... It has released a limited edition customized model which features an embossed dot pattern inscribed with Putin’s signature, the Moscow skyline and the state emblem on […]

Newson Joins Wirebird

Comms Business - 5 Aug 2015 11:59
Wirebird Limited has appointed Andrew Newson as its new Chief Technology Officer. Andrew has recently departed his role from Whitespider as Head of Solutions Architecture. Newson comments, "I am... excited to take on the new role of CTO at Wirebird as it is an innovative company. My remit is to set the technology roadmap and
Hundreds sickened by humanDES MOINES, Iowa — More than 380 people in 26 U.S. states have been diagnosed with a stomach illness tied to Mexican cilantro contaminated by human waste, two federal agencies said Tuesday. It's... the fourth consecutive summer in which the intestinal infection cyclosporiasis has been reported in the United States. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are investigating the cause of the latest outbreak, which appears to have begun after May 1. See also: How the West was burned: Thousands of wildfires ablaze in California alone The FDA said it suspects the contamination came from "contact with the parasite shed from the intestinal tract of humans" in the growing fields, contaminated water or harvesting, processing and packing activities. It...
The astonishing 390-year oldThe history of a 390-year old bonsai tree at the National Arboretum that survived the Hiroshima atomic blast is being honored this week. Thursday marks the 70thanniversary of the Hiroshima bombing.... The Japanese White Pine is in the Arboretum's National Bonsai and Penjing Museum. The tree was donated in 1976 by bonsai master Masaru Yamaki as part of Japan's Bicentennial gift to the American people. However, the tree's astonishing tale of survival was only revealed to the museum in 2001 during a visit by the late bonsai master's grandsons Akira and Shigeru Yamaki. The Washington Post reports that a walled bonsai nursery belonging to the Yamaki family was less than two miles from the site of the Hiroshima bomb blast,
A suspension revolution inA Cambridge academic equipped with no more than a pencil and paper invented a completely new suspension component which led to a unique story featuring code names, Formula 1 victories and claims of... industrial espionage.
New experimental researchUntil recently, there were very little experimental data about the behavior of beryllium (Be) at very high pressures and strain rates, with existing material models predicting very different behaviors... in these regimes. In a successful example of international research collaboration, a team of scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and the Russian Federal Nuclear Center-All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF) changed this field of knowledge.
(Wiley) In a new study of 20 operations conducted in the UK, repeated requests -- for example, for a surgical instrument -- were five times more likely to occur in surgeries with music than in those... without.
How spy agencies hack mobileHow intelligence agencies hack mobile phones
Child porn still blocked, butThe government in India has been forced to loosen its ban on porn sites following a public outcry against the administration's move to shutter some 857 adult sites, and is now only blocking child... pornography sites. The post Child porn still blocked, but India otherwise loosens national ban on porn appeared first on Digital Trends.
World Of Warcraft ActiveLast year when Warlords of Draenor was launched, World of Warcraft's subscriber base rose and went beyond the 10 million mark, a number that Blizzard has not seen for years given the age of the game.... However several months after, World of Warcraft lost about 3.3 million subscribers and fell to about 7.1 million. That was in May and now 3 months later, those numbers have declined even further and more drastically. According to Blizzard's Q2 2015 earnings, the company revealed that World of Warcraft subscriptions had dropped to 5.6 million, essentially meaning that they lost a whopping 1.5 million players in the past 3 months. Normally this decline would be taken as a bad sign of things to come, but Blizzard seems to be relatively optimistic about the game's future. For starters it seems...
16 real-life robots that willIf you're anything like us, you probably can't wait for the day you can go to the store and easily (and cheaply) buy a robot to clean your house, wait on you, and do whatever you want. We know that... day is a long way off, but technology is getting better...
Mom Offers Son a Treat If HeThe talking dog deserves more credit, that's pretty impressive!
World's quietest gas letsPhysicists at the University of California, Berkeley, have cooled a gas to the quietest state ever achieved, hoping to detect faint quantum effects lost in the din of colder but noisier fluids.
Macs! People like Macs! And people will like us! Yes, us! scream Big Blue execs IBM is once again pushing its software-for-suits in tandem with Apple....
NYC hero shames coupleWe've all been there: you're just minding your business on the train when your commute is interrupted with two young lovers, swapping spit like they've discovered some new technique Thankfully for one... train car exposed to an excessive amount of PDA, comedian Josh Nasar was there to come to the rescue, and he captured not only the couple's reaction but a group of passengers who cheered him along Thanks for having no filter, Nasar. These actors have 'The Daily Show' to thank for their careers Frolicking dog's main life goal is keeping a balloon afloat Dear Nintendo, please make this smartphone Watch the evolution of men's swimwear in 3 minutes
Tesla reported Wednesday its loss for the second quarter widened to $184 million as the electric carmaker geared up for expansion.
AT&T and Google want access toA suit against Apple and its iMessage service has been ongoing, but a new twist has developed. Both AT&T and Google filed motions that give them access to secret documents, which could result in more... litigation. The post AT&T and Google want access to the secret docs in Apple’s iMessage suit appeared first on Digital Trends.