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Science News

Location American Science News for 17 Mar 2023

'Red matter' superconductorA material called red matter, after the colour change it undergoes when subjected to pressure, was hailed as a potential room temperature superconductor, but now other researchers are finding they... can't replicate the results
Dual-Task Walking PerformanceThe ability to dual-task walk and talk begins to decline around the age of 55. This decline is a result of changes to cognition and underlying brain function rather than due to physical changes... associated with aging.

How Our Native Language Shapes Our Brain Wiring

Neuroscience News - 17 Mar 2023 22:41
How Our Native Language ShapesOur native language may affect the way in which our brains are wired and underlie the way we think, a new study reports. Using neuroimaging to analyze neural connectivity in native German and native... Arabic speakers, researchers found stronger connectivity between the right and left hemispheres in Arabic speakers, and stronger connectivity in the left hemisphere language area in German speakers.
CRISPR Gene-Editing TechniqueUsing a highly versatile form of CRISPR gene editing, researchers successfully restored vision in mice with retinitis pigmentosa.
Machine Intelligence andHumans and computers can interact via multiple modes and channels to respectively gain wisdom and deepen intelligence.
How are people cured of HIV?Only a few people have been cured of HIV, but scientists are working to develop cures that could be accessible to more of those infected.
Covid-19 may have started inSwabs taken from the suspected seafood market in Wuhan contain both the coronavirus and DNA from raccoon dogs and other animals
7,000-year-old cult site inAnimal and human remains were excavated from a mustatil, an ancient desert monument believed to have been used for ritual practices in Saudi Arabia.
Heartbreaking footage showsA fin whale with a deformed spine was recently spotted struggling to swim off the coast of Spain. Its back was likely broken during a vessel strike, experts say.
Glass made of amino acids canDissolvable glass made from amino acids can be used to create 3D-printed components that aren't harmful to organisms - they could one day be used to make medical devices that dissolve in the body... after use
Qubits put new spin onResearch using a quantum computer as the physical platform for quantum experiments has found a way to design and characterize tailor-made magnetic objects using quantum bits, or qubits. That opens up... a new approach to develop new materials and robust quantum computing.
Evidence for the existence ofDibaryons are the subatomic particles made of two baryons. Their formations through baryon-baryon interactions play a fundamental role in big-bang nucleosynthesis, in nuclear reactions including those... within stellar environments, and provide a connection between nuclear physics, cosmology and astrophysics.
Raccoon dog DNA from WuhanNewly-released genetic data suggests raccoon dogs carrying SARS-CoV-2 may have been at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in late 2019.
St Patrick's Day: 5 factsWhy we wear green and other holiday curiosities.
Get a Celestron Telescope forSave $60 off this Celestron travel telescope at Walmart.
A scalable and programmableQuantum computing systems have the potential to outperform classical computers on some tasks, helping to solve complex real-world problems in shorter times. Research teams worldwide have thus been... trying to realize this quantum advantage over traditional computers, by creating and testing different quantum systems.
Covid-19 threat expected toThe World Health Organization says the coronavirus is likely to be no longer seen as a public health emergency within 2023, as long as a more dangerous variant does not evolve
Oldest 'fish-lizard' fossilsThe fossilized remains of an ichthyosaur dating back to shortly after the Permian mass extinction suggest that the ancient sea monsters emerged before the catastrophic event.
Without water, life on Earth could not exist as it does today. Understanding the history of water in the universe is critical to understanding how planets like Earth come to be. Astronomers typically... refer to the journey water takes from its formation as individual molecules in space to its resting place on the surfaces of […]
Gut bacteria that break downA form of oestrogen known to be related to positive mood was found to be 43 per cent lower in premenopausal women with depression than those without the condition
Elite Football Players AreElite football players are 1.5 times more likely to develop a neurodegenerative disorder such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, or ALS than the general population.
Repetitive Negative ThinkingCognitive rumination, or repetitive negative thinking, while in a "low mood" was associated with increased suicidal thoughts in young adults with major depression.
China reclaims pandas from USMost of the contracts loaning giant pandas to US zoos are expiring without extensions - some say this could be a reflection of rising tensions between the US and China, though others suggest it may be... coincidence
A creepy crocodile and glacialFrom underwater wonders to spectacular landscapes, here are the winners from the 2022 World Nature Photography Awards.
Stunning new orchid speciesIt was thought that Japan was home to only one species of Spiranthes orchid, but researchers have now found another