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Science News

Location American Science News for 18 Mar 2023

Quantum computers may finallyMethods to generate the random numbers we need for secure communications are all flawed in some way, but quantum computers that exist today could produce random numbers that can't be faked

Attending Live Sport Improves Well-being

Neuroscience News - 18 Mar 2023 23:53
Attending Live Sport ImprovesAttending sports events has a positive impact on two measures of well-being; it helps improve life satisfaction and also reduces feelings of loneliness.
Quantum effects could be keySaturn's moon Titan is too cold for many types of chemical reactions, but quantum tunnelling could present a loophole that would allow reactions that are crucial for life
Bird flu cases are expected toH5N1 cases in birds are expected to rise in the coming weeks as migratory species wing their way across the planet. Veterinary epidemiologist Victoria Hall explains why this outbreak is different -... and what it could mean for humans
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE You Can Now Run a GPT-3-Level AI Model on Your Laptop, Phone, and Raspberry Pi Benj Edwards | Ars Technica “On Friday, a software developer named Georgi Gerganov created... a tool called “llama.cpp” that can run Meta’s new GPT-3-class AI large language model, LLaMA, locally on a Mac laptop. Soon thereafter, people worked out how to […]

Why do dogs tilt their heads?

Live Science - 18 Mar 2023 11:00
Why do dogs tilt their heads?Dogs commonly tilt their heads, but is it a sign of intelligence, or does it mean something else entirely?
Protein fragments that repairWhen applied to skin on the forearms, two of these fragments increased levels of key structures that are known to make skin more elastic and youthful

Why We Disagree So Often

Neuroscience News - 18 Mar 2023 00:03
Why We Disagree So OftenPeople tend to significantly overestimate how many other people hold the same conceptual beliefs of objects, events, people, concepts, and words as they do.