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Science News

Location American Science News for 19 Mar 2023

People With PersonalityResearchers found people with personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, and those with depression and anxiety are more likely to participate... in psychological research studies. Due to this, the findings of studies may be unduly influenced and may be difficult to be replicated.
Study Examines the LinkStudy reveals a link between oral health problems and a range of mental health and addiction disorders.
In 2020, artificial intelligence company OpenAI stunned the tech world with its GPT-3 machine learning algorithm. After ingesting a broad slice of the internet, GPT-3 could generate writing that was... hard to distinguish from text authored by a person, do basic math, write code, and even whip up simple web pages. OpenAI followed up GPT-3 […]

Fear of Failing: The Secrets Behind Social Anxiety

Neuroscience News - 19 Mar 2023 23:50
Fear of Failing: The SecretsSocial anxiety is associated with a higher risk of developing depression and addiction disorders. Researchers say the fear of rejection may be at the root of social anxiety.

Save over $50 on this Lego Tree House set

Live Science - 19 Mar 2023 20:58
Save over $50 on this LegoThe Lego Tree House is a great set for nature lovers, young and old, and it's over 20% off at Amazon.
Algae-farming fish help coralThe presence of territorial farmerfish that look after algae gardens seems to help branching corals recover after heat stress has bleached them, but we aren't sure why
Your early life shapes the mixWe are beginning to learn how different factors influence the mixture of viruses in the guts of young children, called the gut virome, but its importance for health is still unclear
Women show signs of cellularBiopsy reports of nearly 5 million people suggest that markers that are thought to be signs of ageing, such as inflammation and the formation of giant cells, occurred two decades earlier in the female... participants than in the male participants

Which animals have the strongest bite?

Live Science - 19 Mar 2023 11:00
Which animals have theWhich living and extinct animals have the strongest bite forces on record?