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Space News

Location American Space News for 21 Nov 2022

NASA confirms decision to keepNASA says a historical review of actions by former administrator James Webb confirmed its decision to keep the agency's flagship space telescope named after him. The post NASA confirms decision to... keep JWST name after historical report appeared first on SpaceNews.
Hubble Space Telescope'sThe Hubble Space Telescope has been taking an extended look at a spiral galaxy to help solve one of the biggest mysteries in astronomy.
Watch live: ESA CouncilThe ESA Council at Ministerial level (CM22) is taking place in Paris, France, on 22 and 23 November. ESA's Member States, Associated States and Cooperating States will be invited to together... strengthen Europe's space ambitions and ensure that space continues to serve European citizens. Follow our live coverage of CM22 via ESA WebTV.
Chinese coast guard seizesThe Chinese coast guard forcibly seized floating debris the Philippine navy was towing to its island in another confrontation in the disputed South China Sea, a Philippine military commander said... Monday. The debris appeared to be from a Chinese rocket launch.
Research to mend broken bones,While millions of Americans plan for the upcoming holidays, a variety of critical research and supplies will head to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of SpaceX's 26th Commercial Resupply... Services mission (SpaceX CRS-26). The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is scheduled for launch onboard a Falcon 9 rocket to the space station no earlier than November 22, 2022, from Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
NASA's Artemis 1 missionMost of the Artemis 1 cubesats have checked in as the Orion spacecraft looped around the moon, but a few still have not phoned home after launch.

NASA Awards Contract for NASA Financial Support Services

NASA Breaking news - 21 Nov 2022 22:33
NASA Awards Contract for NASANASA has awarded the NASA Financial Support Services (NFSS) contract to MM Technologies LLC (MMT) of Huntsville, Alabama, to provide financial support and related services...
Orion spacecraft makes closestThe Artemis I mission brought Orion on its closest approach to the moon while blasting out on its way to an orbit that will take it farther from the Earth than any previous human-rated spacecraft.
NASA's going back to the moonThe moon is incredibly hot, and also incredibly cold.
Space Force to recompeteThe Space Force is researching industry interest in the follow-on to the $94 million Launch Manifest Systems Integration contract that Parsons Corp. won in 2019 The post Space Force to recompete... contract for integration of rideshare payloads appeared first on SpaceNews.
Astronomers spot small spaceA small space rock was discovered on Saturday (Nov. 19) just a few hours before hitting Earth's atmosphere and landing in Canada's Lake Ontario.
ABL Space Systems' RS1 rocketABL Space Systems' RS1 rocket is possibly targeting a launch Monday (Nov. 21) following an abort last week during engine ignition. The rocket was otherwise healthy.
Tracking carbon dioxideThe central objective of the Paris Agreement is to limit Earth's warming to well below 2 C above pre-industrial levels, but preferably 1.5 C.
Vast volcanic eruptions mayThough hot and suffocating today, Venus may have once been a temperate world before massive volcanism changed it forever.
The next and most profoundRiding on the shoulders of the Apollo generation and bound for the moon, the Artemis missions will pave the way for humans to further explore the lunar surface The post The next and most profound... industrial revolution in human history is underway in Low Earth Orbit appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mars: How we discovered twoMost of the worlds of our solar system are pockmarked with impact craters. These bear testament to the violence of the early days of the sun, when asteroids, comets and entire planets routinely... collided with and annihilated each other.
CAPSTONE Forges New Path forNASA's CAPSTONE spacecraft has completed final maneuvers to place it in its target orbit around the Moon, refining its path in the orbit it arrived to last week.
Spy satellites, weatherA field team led by Professor Andy Tomkins from the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at Monash University has found the largest meteorite strewn field in Australia since the famous... Murchison meteorite fall in 1969.
European space sector commits:ESA and 22 other European space actors have come together to sign a "Statement for a Responsible Space Sector". Space exploration has allowed us to look back on our planet in a way that no human could... imagine before, revealing a fragile world with limited resources. As today's statement explains, the responsibility to take care of our planet extends to and depends on, our actions in space.

Hubble views a billowing cosmic cloud - 21 Nov 2022 19:00
Hubble views a billowingA small, dense cloud of gas and dust called CB 130-3 blots out the center of this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. CB 130-3 is an object known as a dense core, a compact agglomeration... of gas and dust. This particular dense core is in the constellation Serpens and seems to billow across a field of background stars.
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket readiesSpaceX is scheduled to launch the Eutelsat 10B communications satellite to space Monday (Nov. 21) to serve air and sea traffic.
NASA capsule buzzes moon, lastNASA's Orion capsule reached the moon Monday, whipping around the far side and buzzing the lunar surface on its way to a record-breaking orbit with test dummies sitting in for astronauts.
'Power tower' rover to land onA "charger" rover that could supply power to robots exploring shaded craters on the moon's south pole will join expanding lunar infrastructure by 2025.
Canadian startup developingA Canadian startup is developing a rover it plans to launch to the moon in the next few years to provide power to other spacecraft on the lunar surface. The post Canadian startup developing lunar... rover to deliver power appeared first on SpaceNews.
Short gamma-ray bursts tracedA Northwestern University-led team of astronomers has developed the most extensive inventory to date of the galaxies where short gamma-ray bursts (SGRBs) originate.