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Space News

Location American Space News for 22 Nov 2022

NASA's Perseverance Mars roverContinuing its mission to search for signs of ancient life on Mars, NASA's Perseverance rover has reached Jezero Crater's Yori Pass.
NASA 'giddy' over amazing moonNASA officials say Artemis 1 mission teams are "giddy" after witnessing how well their Orion spacecraft has been performing so far on its way towards lunar orbit.
Astrophysicists chronicle theRUDN University astrophysicists have gathered the most important discoveries of modern cosmology from 1917 to our time. The collected data became an introduction to Philosophical Transactions of the... Royal Society A in two parts: from 1917 to 1980 and from 1980 to our time.
Researchers evaluateSatellite ocean color instruments are used to characterize physical, chemical, and biological variabilities in oceanic, coastal, and inland waters. However, the massive loss and large uncertainty of... remote sensing reflectance data result in difficulty in monitoring nearshore coastal and inland waters.
Artemis 1's Orion spacecraftThe Orion spacecraft's lunar flyby Monday (Nov. 21) delivered a celestial Thanksgiving treat a few days early, as its cameras caught the distant Earth setting behind our moon.
NOAA's GOES-U completesNOAA's GOES-U, the final satellite in the GOES-R Series of advanced geostationary environmental satellites, recently completed thermal vacuum (TVAC) testing as part of a rigorous assessment program to... ensure the satellite can withstand the harsh conditions of launch and orbiting 22,236 miles above Earth's equator. The testing is taking place at Lockheed Martin Space's Littleton, Colorado, facility, where GOES-U was built.
NASA, ESA reveal tale ofA new image combining previously released data from three telescopes shows a region that includes the Orion Nebula, named after the mighty hunter from Greek mythology who was felled by a scorpion's... sting. But the story of how this dusty region came to be is just as dramatic.
NASA's CAPSTONE cubesatNASA's tiny CAPSTONE spacecraft has settled into its final lunar orbit, shifting into the operational phase of its pioneering moon mission.
Volcanoes are the worst.Is there anything good about volcanoes? They can be violent, dangerous, and unpredictable. For modern humans, volcanoes are mostly an inconvenience, sometimes an intriguing visual display, and... occasionally deadly. But when there’s enough of them, and when they’re powerful and prolonged, they can kill the planet that hosts them. Modern-day Venus is a blistering hellscape. …
James Webb Space TelescopeThe James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has just scored another first: a detailed molecular and chemical portrait of a distant world's skies.
The not-quite-tangible realityThe satellite communications industry could be just years away from being able to run modems and other ground station hardware in the cloud, although many technical challenges remain to be solved. The... post The not-quite-tangible reality of Virtual Ground Stations appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mars' water may have come fromIsotopic evidence points to carbonaceous chondrite asteroids bringing enough water to Mars that it could have formed a global ocean some 1,000 feet deep.
Secrets of sunspots and solarThe Sun is much more than just a source of light for Earth--it's a dynamic and complex star, with storms, flares, and movement causing it to change constantly. Magnetic fields govern most of the solar... activity we can observe but how they do this is still poorly understood. New results based on simulations out of NASA's Advanced Supercomputing facility at NASA's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley are painting a more complete picture of one of the most prominent magnetically-driven solar features--a cycle of sunspot formation known as a "torsional oscillation."
Huge Artemis 1 moon rocketNASA is assessing the damage Artemis 1 left behind after the huge Space Launch System rocket lifted off on Nov. 16, but officials emphasize everything is manageable for future missions.
How to watch Our Universe:Our Universe takes nature documentaries one step further into the cosmos to explore how we got to this very moment in existence.
How the search for a downedIn the wake of the space shuttle Challenger tragedy, a salvage effort was organized to find the spacecraft. The search also led to an aircraft being found. Now it has happened again, only in reverse.
Turbulent 'cosmic web' bindsNew radio telescope images show the galactic cluster Abell 2255 in unprecedented detail and hint at the physical processes occurring in this region of space 1 billion light-years away.
NASA Invites Public Comment onNASA is seeking public comments on a draft environmental impact statement for the agency's Mars Sample Return (MSR) campaign. Comments are due by Monday, Dec. 19.

New research reveals invisible meteors - 22 Nov 2022 18:27
New research reveals invisibleIn a new thesis from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics and Umeå University, unique methods for the analysis of radar data and simulations of meteoroids in the solar system are presented. The... methods have been applied to confirm the existence of rare high-altitude meteors as well as to measure space debris from the Kosmos-1408 satellite. On November 25, Daniel Kastinen defends his doctoral thesis.
James Webb Space TelescopeThe James Webb Space Telescope has revealed an exoplanet's atmosphere in unprecedented detail, allowing scientists to understand the planet's past and test methods for detecting alien life.
A Mission to Venus CouldWe’ve reported in the past about the Venus Life Finder (VLF) mission, which is currently in the proposal stage but could potentially one day explore the Venusian clouds for signs of life. What... exactly that life would look like is anyone’s guess. Therefore, the instrumentation the mission will use to find that life will be …
Save $70 on Celestron'sCelestron's Newtonian reflector telescope is 22% off on Amazon and comes with an accurate equatorial mount included.
Bright fireball may haveA cosmic drama unfolded over southern Ontario on the night of Friday, Nov. 18, triggering an international collaboration and a meteorite hunt. Just before midnight Eastern time, the Catalina Sky... Survey in Arizona detected a small object heading toward Earth.
International team observesAn international team of scientists has observed the narrowing of a quasar jet for the first time by using a network of radio telescopes across the world. The results suggest that the narrowing of the... jet is independent of the activity level of the galaxy which launched it.
Who will become history'sThe first astronaut--or astronauts--with a physical disability could be announced as soon as Wednesday, according to the European Space Agency.