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Location American Popular News for 11 Jan 2023

The 2023 NFL draft order is coming into focus, with just one day left to play in the regular season. There is still a race to the bottom of the standings to...
Surviving Idaho murdersBethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen were the only survivors and were the ones to find their friends' bloodied bodies hours after the brutal attack.
Here's what Damar Hamlin'sDoctors who treated Bills safety Damar Hamlin addressed the question of commotio cordis, the emergency response on field and topics on his health.      
Entire airport evacuated soEven employees were asked to leave the building during the lockdown which lasted until Kohberger re-boarded his private ride.
Ukraine reinforces Bakhmut asFierce fighting continued around Bakhmut, Ukraine, on Monday, with Ukrainian forces sending reinforcements to counter relentless assaults by Russian paramilitaries trying to capture mines in the... region.
Russia's claims of 600 deadDesperate Russian claims that its forces wiped out 600 Ukrainian troops in a revenge attack were in tatters last night following reports the strike had missed its target.
Customer shoots and killsHouston police are searching for a customer who shot and killed an armed robber at a restaurant on Thursday night.
13 crucial minutes: A timelineThirteen chilling minutes remain a mystery in the brutal slaying of four University of Idaho students after police released an affidavit charging Washington State University graduate student Bryan... Kohberger with their murders.
​​​​AA timeline of the investigation into the November murders of four students at the University of Idaho and what led police to arrest Bryan Kohberger.      
Sam Kerr passionately kissesAustralian soccer star Sam Kerr and American girlfriend Kristie Mewis looked loved up as they shared a passionate kiss at Perth airport before Kerr heads to London to join her Chelsea teammates.
Climate change is expensive!Last year was the third-costliest year on record in terms of weather-inflicted losses, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Biden Lawyers Found ClassifiedThe White House said it was cooperating as the Justice Department scrutinizes the matter.
Trump indictment decisionThe public likely won't find out what the grand jury uncovered and whether it thinks Trump should be charged until a hearing set for Jan. 24 in Atlanta.

Videos Show How Rioters Stormed Brazil's Capital

The New York Times - 9 Jan 2023 02:50
Videos Show How RiotersWatch key moments of rioters attacking Brazil's Congress, Presidential offices and the Supreme Court.
Trevor Bickford, the 19-year-old accused of attacking New York Police Department officers with a machete on New Year's Eve, was indicted Friday on more than a dozen charges, including several... terrorism charges, prosecutors announced.
Sea World helicopter crash:Elmarie and Riaan Steenberg and Edward and Marle Swart, from Auckland, were holidaying in Queensland when they decided to enjoy a helicopter tour in the Gold Coast on Monday.
Four vacationers stabbed atFour vacationers were stabbed and six were arrested at a drug-fueled party at an Airbnb in North Carolina early Monday morning, police said.
4 more storms heading towardThousands of Californians have fled their homes as endless storms pound the state. The entire San Francisco Bay Area is under a flood watch.      
What the House Republicans'The new House rules mark a sharp change in procedure on Capitol Hill, where Democrats have been in control for the last two years
How Instagram's favoritePsychologist Nicole LePera talks about the tyranny of resolutions, her new workbook and finding bliss with two women
Female prison officers putDisgraced Jennifer Gavan, Ayshea Gunn and Emily Watson were all locked up within the last three years for sparking relationships with prisoners at £250 million super prison HMP Berwyn in Wrexham
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman leadIt was the latest in a long line of tributes and well-wishes by the NFL, media and players in the aftermath of Hamlin suffering cardiac arrest on Monday.
US appeals court blocks TrumpThe ban was instituted after a sniper using bump stock-equipped weapons massacred dozens of people in Las Vegas in 2017.
Russian unilateral cease fireNo explosions were heard in the capital on Friday, and reports of sporadic fighting elsewhere in Ukraine could not immediately by confirmed.
Wednesday Addams and Emo PeterSomeone made a mashup dance-off between Wednesday Addams and emo Peter Parker dancing and it's so cringey and fun to watch. The post Wednesday Addams and Emo Peter Parker Dance Off in This Ridiculous... Video appeared first on Nerdist.