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Headline News

Location American Headline News for 12 Aug 2014

Anatomy of a Shark Bite: TeethAmy Tatsch was boogie boarding when a 6-foot bull shark bit into her leg.
North Carolina McDonad'sCharleigh Matice went to a fast-food restaurant's drive-thru in Morehead City, North Carolina earlier this month to pick up dinner for herself and her daughter.
The Liberian government announced Monday that it will get access to ZMapp, the Ebola experimental drug, to treat two local doctors who have contracted the virus in the West African nation. ZMapp,... which is made by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc., a San Diego firm, was never tested on humans before the current Ebola outbreak.
Police use tear gas onPolice used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds near a burned-out convenience store in St. Louis suburb as a second day of protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager... turned violent.
WHO backs use of experimentalPeople infected in the West Africa Ebola outbreak can be offered untested drugs, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday, but scarce supplies raise questions about who gets priority in the... epidemic of the virus, which has no proven treatment.
Early Tuesday, Russia said it has sent a convoy of about 280 trucks carrying food, medicine, and other supplies toward the Ukraine border. The destination is the Ukrainian city of Luhansk, controlled... by pro-Russia separatists and under siege by Ukrainian troops, and the convoy is at least theoretically part of a humanitarian mission overseen by the Red Cross. NATO isn't buying it, and Kiev is nervous. On Monday, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso called Russian President Vladimir Putin and "warned against any unilateral military actions in Ukraine, under any pretext, including... More

Photo book shows the lighter side of WWII

Macleans - 12 Aug 2014 18:04
Photo book shows the lighter'My Buddy: World War II Laid Bare' collects photos of naked WWII soldiers The post Photo book shows the lighter side of WWII appeared first on
Team bonding at the brothel,Because youre not supposed to say no, apparently Maybe what Tolstoy meant to write was, Every office is dysfunctional in its own way. Those funny, borderline inappropriate work scenarios make the best... stories: if telling them to colleagues makes for awkward if therapeutic relief, hearing them from total strangers is straight-up comic relief. A boss once got hammered at a company function (attended by senior management and clients), jumped on my back, rode me around piggy-back for 10 minutes, and made me buy 32 Jägerbombs from the bar without expensing them. That was the annoying bit: once shed sobered up, she refused to put the receipt through, as shed promised to at the time, because it would apparently make us look unprofessional. I did point out that it was a bit late. SnowyJohn I...
UK deploys Tornado jets inWarplanes carry out surveillance after RAF Hercules crews encounter difficulties safely delivering supplies to refugees Britain is deploying RAF Tornado jets to provide greater surveillance of... northern Iraq after being forced to abort two attempts to drop aid for Yazidi refugees on Mount Sinjar amid fears that the cargo could have injured people on the ground. Amid growing calls for a recall of parliament to allow Britain to join the US in launching air strikes against forces from the Islamic State (Isis), Downing Street announced an intensification of British involvement with the deployment of the Tornadoes to the region.
The United Nations Human Rights Council, or UNHRC, in a statement released Monday, announced the appointment of three experts to an international commission of inquiry that will investigate... allegations of war crimes and violations of "international humanitarian and human rights laws" during the Israeli military's assault on the Gaza Strip.
Iraqi Leaders 'Must RebuildJohn Kerry urges unity after a new PM is named, as the US and Australia promise to take the issue of foreign jihadists to the UN.

Gaza residents return to destroyed homes

Al Jazeera English - 12 Aug 2014 07:23
Palestinians in enclave hit by Israeli attacks pick up the pieces as delegations continue indirect talks in Cairo.
Israeli and Palestinian negotiators Monday reached a series of agreements in talks in Cairo aimed at creating a truce, Ynet reported. Israel agreed to lift some restrictions on the Gaza Strip,... transfer money for government salaries to a third party, expand the fishing area off the Gaza coast and allow construction materials into the area.

More conscript suicides in S Korea

BBC - 12 Aug 2014 06:02
More conscript suicides in STwo more conscripts are found dead in apparent suicides in South Korea, amid an ongoing debate over the culture in the nation's military.

Death Toll From Ebola Outbreak Tops 1,000

Sky News - 12 Aug 2014 05:30
Death Toll From Ebola OutbreakSome 1,000 people are confirmed dead from the disease as the US approves a request for an experimental drug to be sent to Liberia.
Archaeologists uncoverSite dates to end of Alexander the Great's reign in 4th century BC and may be grave of a prominent Macedonian, say officials Archaeologists have unearthed a vast ancient tomb in Greece, distinguished... by two sphinxes and frescoed walls and dating to 300-325BC, the government announced on Tuesday. The tomb, in the country's north-eastern Macedonia region, which has been gradually unearthed over the past two years, marks a significant discovery from the early Hellenistic era. A culture ministry official said that there was no evidence yet to suggest a link to Alexander the Great who died in 323BC after an unprecedented military campaign through the Middle East, Asia and northeast Africa or his family.
Beijing police raided 2 Kolegas, a bar and live music venue popular with the city's expatriate population, over the weekend and administered on-the-spot urine tests to patrons.
After Syria Flap, HillaryBoth are scheduled to attend a party on Martha's Vineyard.
This Giant Oreo Has 8,475You deserve it!
Firm hired to run IllinoisFor the third consecutive year, the private firm hired run the Illinois Lottery has failed to bring in the profits it promised to raise for the state, even as its parent companies continue to be paid... more each year to provide games and services.
ISIS fighters' bizarre TwitterAs news broke of the 63-year-old's death in an apparent suicide, Islamist militants and their supporters took to social media to discuss the merits of Williams' long career in the film industry.
Surveillance cameras, government agents listening in on your phone calls, reading your emails and text messages and monitoring your spending, mandatory health care, sugary soda bans, anti-bullying... laws, zero tolerance policies, political correctness, parents getting arrested for negligence for letting their kids play outside alone: these are all outward signs of a government that believes it knows what is best for you.
Beyond cute, these are the world's only known surviving giant panda triplets. Their mother, Juxiao gave birth to them in China's Chimelong Safari Park on July 29th and the zoo recorded the rare event.... Giant pandas are native to southwestern China and are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity. And according to China's official news agency, there are only about 1,600 pandas in the wild. The triplets have been incubated and are being monitored around the clock.
Russian embargo devastating for Moldova farmers _ a bad omen for others hit by food ban