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Headline News

Location American Headline News for 25 Feb 2024

The Spy War: How the C.I.A.For more than a decade, the United States has nurtured a secret intelligence partnership with Ukraine that is now critical for both countries in countering Russia.
Suspect in UGA Killing IsAs more details emerged about the suspect in the death of a nursing student, the community remained in shock of the first homicide on the campus in decades.
After 1,250 years women joinWomen take part despite some in the community suggesting it should remain a men-only event.
John Hermida skipped stocks and bonds to buy a 1931 Ford Model A.
The price of politicalJailed opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza refuses to be cowed following the death of Alexei Navalny.
U.S. and British WarplanesThe Iran-backed group, which has been targeting global shipping routes, has proved especially difficult for the United States and its allies to restrain.
Drug cartels have more towns and families in their grip under a presidential policy intended to quell gang violence by emphasizing public aid over policing
King Charles praises Ukraine'sKing Charles on Saturday praised Ukraine's "determination and strength" in the face of Russia's "indiscernible aggression" while marking two years since the country was invaded.

You Spend Hours a Day in Your Browser. Now Make It Better.

Wall Street Journal - 25 Feb 2024 04:00
Team Chrome or Team Safari? Don't be afraid to rethink your browser of choice--plus add AI and other enhancements.
Prominent Republican Seeks toHenry Barbour, a veteran R.N.C. member, is mounting a long-shot bid to keep the former president from taking control of the committee in order to block it from paying for his lawsuits.
Three female MPs givenPoliticians from Conservative and Labour parties get close protection and chauffeur-driven vehicles Three female MPs have been given bodyguards and chauffeur-driven cars after concerns about their... safety, it was reported. Representatives of the Conservative and Labour parties had their security upgraded after a risk assessment, according to the Sunday Times. The MPs, who have not been named, have been given close protection by private companies and chauffeur-driven vehicles. "Many MPs are petrified by the abuse they are facing," a senior security source told the newspaper.
Play outside and singNordic children are out in nature for hours a day - and they top rankings in both education and happiness. So here are seven parenting tips I've picked up along the way... I knew I was in trouble the... day my pre-schooler came home smelling of woodsmoke and told me he'd been practising "knife skills". When his twin siblings requested a saw for their second birthday, I realised I'd crossed the Rubicon: I'd become an accidental mother of Vikings. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I relocated from London to Denmark, carefree and childless, but despite planning on staying just a year I'm still here adecade and three children later. So I have skin in the Viking game. And Nordic children do things differently. They eat differently, learn differently, play, dress, even sleep differently - with...
Fury as Ministry of JusticeShreen Mahmood, an ambassador for World Hijab Day which encourages women to wear the head covering for a day, spoke at an event run by the department's Muslim staff network.
Ukraine's defence ministerRustem Umerov says F-16 jets are yet to appear and troops are running out of shells and air defence missiles Ukraine war - live updates Ukraine's defence minister, Rustem Umerov, said his country was... "losing territory" in its grinding war with Russia because "50%" of weapons promised by western partners failed to reach Kyiv on time. Speaking a day after the second anniversary of Moscow's full-scale invasion, Umerov said his troops had built new fortifications and "thousands of strongholds". But he said delays in the supply of western equipment were leading to setbacks and deaths on the battlefield.
Nigel Slater's recipes forSavoury dishes with the sweet touch of slow-cooked onions I have been cooking a pan of onions for a good half an hour, stirring them from time to time, while I potter about making pastry. They have... gone from crisp to soft, ivory to walnut and, more importantly, from pungent to mild and sweet. There is no point in hurrying an onion - other than those you dip into batter and dunk into bubbling oil. They need time and that is what they are getting today. Later, when they are glossy and translucent, they will join eggs and cream, and mustard and cheese in a pastry case - the second of two cheese and onion suppers this week. This one will sit with a spinach salad and perhaps some speckled Castelfranco and a few segments of citrus.
When an SUV struck a horse-drawn buggy, leaving two children dead, a Minnesota community was upset--then angry, when the driver's identity emerged.

Recipe: leek, spinach and chickpea soup

The Week - 25 Feb 2024 11:00
Recipe: leek, spinach andThis hearty soup recipe offers wholesome comfort in every spoonful

Donald Trump's Divided Republican Party

Wall Street Journal - 25 Feb 2024 06:12
He wins big in South Carolina but won't beat Joe Biden without Nikki Haley's voters.

In South Carolina, Haley and Trump Changed Their Tune

The New York Times - 25 Feb 2024 05:39
In South Carolina, Haley andNikki Haley's fortitude after losing her home state on Saturday looked more like stubborn grit and determination than upbeat confidence. Donald J. Trump didn't even mention her, let alone insult her.
British Transport Police axesBritish Transport Police said female officers were suffering 'indirect discrimination' from doing a so-called bleep test- because they are more likely to fail
The amount in circulation has more than doubled in recent years, but $100s are hated by both cashiers and economists alike.
Fury as Charlotte Church singsVideo shows the 38-year-old leading a choir in a chorus of the protest chant at a Sing for Palestine event in the Welsh town of Caerphilly on Saturday.

AT&T to Reimburse Customers Struck by Outage

Wall Street Journal - 25 Feb 2024 23:55
CEO John Stankey apologized for the disruption and offered a full-day billing credit as compensation for those most affected.
Murdered driver's familyMark Lang was killed by a man who was stealing his parcel delivery van.
Gaza's displaced souls: ImagesHeartbreaking photos have emerged of hundreds of displaced Palestinians, including children, gathering on a beachfront in Gaza City.