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Headline News

Location American Headline News for 26 Feb 2024

Chilling moment BA killerVideo shows Robert Brown calmly answering 'no comment' when being interviewed by police who were desperately trying to find Joanna Simpson after his disappearance in October 2010.
Mom loses disability caseA mom in Ireland lost her injury lawsuit against an insurance company after photos surfaced of her competing and winning a Christmas tree-throwing contest.
Spending Impasse Persists AmidWith Republicans insisting on adding right-wing policy measures to spending bills, lawmakers are running out of time to strike a deal to avert a partial government shutdown before a deadline of Friday... at midnight.
Gaza children search for foodAs aid reaching the territory dwindles, reports of widespread malnutrition are increasing.
Brazil ex-leader BolsonaroJair Bolsonaro tells a massive rally of his supporters in São Paulo he is a victim of political persecution.
Terrifying moment 'drunk'GRAPHIC WARNING: Vladimir Putin 's mercenary troops were captured on CCTV beating men and women to the floor, leaving many injured with broken bones.

Netanyahu Says Israel Will Invade Gaza City of Rafah

The New York Times - 26 Feb 2024 02:02
Netanyahu Says Israel WillAmid signs of progress toward a pause in the fighting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israeli forces planned to keep pushing into Gaza.
Biden is summoningPresident Joe Biden will convene the top four congressional leaders at the White House on Tuesday to discuss the emergency aid package for Ukraine and Israel, as well as avoiding a government shutdown... next month
Ghislaine Maxwell is seenThe 62-year-old, who is serving a 20-year sentence at FCI Tallahassee in Florida , was spotted with her hands balled up inside her sleeves as she stepped outside for some exercise.
Suspected mafia hitman mixesFather Felice Palamara was just about to take a swig from the chalice at the church in southern Italy when he smelt a strong odour of cleaning product and stopped just in time.
Cat killer who had 'obsessionA woman who filmed herself killing a cat before putting the animal in a blender has been jailed for life for murdering a man four months later.
Navalny Allies Say He WasA top aide to the Russian opposition leader who died this month said he could have been among several inmates swapped. The claim could not be independently confirmed.
Pakistan's Maryam NawazMariam Nawaz, the eldest daughter of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has become the first woman to hold the title of chief minister in the eastern Punjab province.
Palestinian Authority'sIt was not clear whether the appointment of a new prime minister and cabinet would be enough to revamp the authority or persuade Israel to let it govern Gaza after the war there ends.
Putin threatening EuropeanMoldova and its breakaway region Transnistria are caught in a power struggle between Russia and the NATO and EU blocs, as President Maia Sandu walks a fine line.
US airman dies after settingSecret Service agents extinguished the flames during the incident on Sunday afternoon.
BBC reporter Jane Lewis, 53,Rodgers was accused of 'casual sexism' and being a 'dinosaur' by women's groups after the remark to Jane Lewis following Celtic's win at Motherwell on Sunday.
Mexican president slamsFirebrand leftist Mexican president AMLO argues that the moral authority of his office exempts him from laws preventing the publicizing of personal information
The legislature's map could have a major impact on which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives next year.
NASA's James Webb spotsA galaxy with more stars than the Milky Way formed about 13 billion years ago, according to a new image from the James Webb Space Telescope. Astronomers say the galaxy shouldn't exist.
Underwater experts involved inUnderwater experts who supported the search for Nicola Bulley will join the operation to find a two-year-old boy who fell into a river in Leicester, police have said.
Bowen hat-trick gives West HamJarrod Bowen scores his first senior hat-trick to ease the pressure on West Ham manager David Moyes as his side claim a much-needed Premier League win over Brentford.
Biden to Convene CongressionalPresident Biden plans to discuss the urgency of legislation to keep federal funding going past midnight on Friday.
The Texas oil company has said it could pre-emptively match the price Chevron offered Hess for its 30% stake in a booming oil prospect off of Guyana's coast.
Horse-whisperer, 70, knifedChristine Rawle, now 70, stabbed Ian Rawle, her spouse of 29 years, during a row about money at their isolated home at Kittywell Wood in Knowle, North Devon, a jury was told.